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Covid-19 Hygiene Products Screens PPE

Stand banner supply everything your business will ever need in the prevention and spread of Covid-19. We sell a wide range of anti viral products and Hygiene screens for use in your business or retail premises, including protection screens, social distancing banners and graphic signs, also custom printed and custom branded PPE.

UK Supplier For Covid 19 Hygiene Products And Anti Virus Protection Screens For Business

2020 and the United Kingdom is under a worldwide pandemic of biblical proportion and with the need to slow the spread of the virus, governments have implemented rules designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Banner stand have launched a new set of products designed to prevent infection of the Corona Virus. These items include a wide choice of products for use in business premises, retail, hospitality, transport and so much more.

Commonly used by businesses like: Pubs & Restaurants, Beauty & Hairdressers, Factories & Manufacturing and Fitness & Gyms. So many businesses if in contact with customers or general public will be required by law to implement a COVID-19 safe environment to protect the NHS and all people of the UK. Affordable solutions for every aspect of social distancing including corona virus banners for 2m distancing, clear banner screens commonly used in hairdressers and barbers.

Stand banner also supply freestanding hand sanatising stations for heavy duty use suitable for factories, Schools, collages and large grosser chains across the United Kingdom. Industrial quality and heavy duty sanitisers for use in and around high footfall areas like football stadiums and exhibition centers.


Covid Protection Acrylic Screens And Banner Stand Signs

Corona virus information signs on retractable banner stands is a must for all businesses looking to continue trading under tight COVID-19 rules. All rules must be adhered to and displayed in all business establishments regardless of size. Stand banner supply a wide selection of reduced price banner stand displays designed to inform customers in key locations on entering a shop, showroom or factory.

Sign banner advertising is mandatory requirement in all UK shops and come in a wide selection of sizes and can be be re-branded after the end of COVID-19 with more positive advertising and graphics. Clear acrylic banner screens are a low cost solution that are essential in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus, lightweight portable and easy to erect and store and designed to easily cleaned.

Hanging and freestanding segregation screens to prevent the transmission of airborne virus particles with acrylic screen inhibitors. Screen protection is more important than ever to ensure customers and staff are safe when visiting your business premises. These screen protection are essential for key workers to continue the fight against Corona-19 while being on the front line. Many businesses are adapting to enforce safety measures so they can keep operating. All open work places are creating rules to be in line with social distancing measures that the government have put in place. These screen protection  are a crucial role in keeping staff and customers are safe especially in customer facing  scenarios. These screen protection are easily to adapt to your workspace,it creates partition between staff and customers. With these screens you can significantly reduce the risk of spreading infectious coughs and sneeze to your staff. These screens will ensure the safety of everyone visiting business it minimise contact.


Covid 19 Virus Branded Masks For Retail, Leisure And Hospitality

Cover-19 is spreading, to stay safe by taking simple precautions, such as avoid crowds,wearing a mask, and washing  your hands. Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around other people. The use of mask alone is not sufficient  protection against COVID-19.Always clean your hands before and after you take it off.Always make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. If you are at a particular risk group you should wear a fabric mask. If you are over 60. have medical conditions or felling unwell you should wear a surgical mask. Medical masks are essential for health workers always make sure that the right size is worn. Face marks should be discarded if soiled or damaged always inspect the mask that has been previously worn or damaged.

Inspect the mask for holes, do not use mask that has been used previously. Where the virus is spreading, masks should be worn by the general public where the social distancing is not possible to maintain. These settings include indoor areas,public transport,where there is  poor ventilation. The top part of the mask has a metal strip and the inside of the mask is usually white in colour. Pinch the metal strip so it molds into the shape of your nose. DO NOT Touch The Front Of THE MASK WEARING IT. Always clean you hands after touching the mask. To take off the mask always wash your hands,remove the straps from behind your head or ears.


Hand Sanitising Stations For Business Use

Hand Sanitizers are very effective against COVIC-19.The best way to prevent the spread of infections is by washing your hands with soap and water.if soap and water is not available hand sanitizers  are effective. Hand Sanitizers that meet the FDA drug conditions are very effective. and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. It is not advisable for consumers to make their own as they would be ineffective. It is a premium ,sturdy and durable sanitising units a desk that can be placed in a convenient location. Providing Hand Sanitisers outside offices is important.High traffic areas like airports,shops and recreational centers ensure customers,visitors are kept as healthy as possible. These hand sanitiser counters can reduce the spread of COVID-19. They are portable easy to cleaning portable.

According to the World Health Organisation the hand sanitiser is one of the best tools available to avoid spreading germs. By placing the hand sanitiser counter in a strategic location encourages people  to improve their hand hygiene and make for a healthier environment. Entrances and exit make it easily accessible and within sight to place the counter.


Custom Printed 2m Distancing Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a safety self adhesive and an excellent way of making a safe routes for staff and customers, these graphics show that distances must be maintained. They will remind people to always keep a safe distance apart at all times. These vinyl floor signs can be cleaned with warm soapy water. These floor covering can be easily removed without damaging your floor. It is a scuff-resistance and non slipped is suitable to use on wood,laminate, concrete and tiled floors.


Mobile Screen Dividers for Safe Distancing From COVID-19

The mobile screen divider are a lightweight panel with stabilising  lockable 4 castor wheels which can rotate 360 degrees allowing it to be moved  easily.These portable dividers are ideal for offices, hair salons, shops. It is the perfect solution for social distancing. the acrylic panel screen is 2 meters high,it can be wiped down ensuring it can be cleaned regular and remain free of viruses and germs. It allows light through it, this is ideal giving virtually all businesses the required social distancing complete visibility and transparency while giving you full benefit. Panels can be changed to adapt to the needs of your business. An excellent social distancing screen divider giving you protection from COVID-19, coughs and sneezing.