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Free-Standing Roll Up Banners

Free-standing roll up banners for business promotions, marketing and advertising. Portable lightweight roll up banner stands come in a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit your company needs. Fast Free UK and international delivery guaranteed.

UK Supplier Of Free Standing Roll Up Banners For Promoting Your Business

Free standing Roll Up Banners are the lightest banner stands on the market. They are built for portability and ease of use, requiring very little effort to transport and assemble. The frame is constructed from either fibreglass or aluminium to keep the weight down. This improves portability and allows the stand to be repositioned easily once assembled. Free standing banner stands are usually tension-based, meaning the there is no mechanism to extend and retract the graphic. The printed banner is attached to poles on the frame and ‘tensioned’ to create the finished display. The lack of any mechanical elements makes these stands extremely lightweight.


Free Standing Exhibition Banners

We offer a range of lightweight banner stands, both tension and roll up, that are ideal for transporting to events. Free standing banner stands are great for promoting your business at venues such as exhibitions and trade shows. These stands offer a convenient way to showcase large graphics anywhere you have indoor floorspace available. With displays available up to 3 metres wide, free-standing roll up banners are suited to a variety of events, big and small.


Roll Up Banners

If you are exhibiting at events in the UK or Europe this year, we can provide a range of display stands to make your business stand out amongst your industry competitors. Our range of roll up banners, outdoor gazebos, outdoor banner stands are great for any type of promotional display. Feel free to contact us for help to make your event a success.