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Sampling Counter Carts

UK manufactured portable sampling counters and carts for outdoor sales vending and indoor supermarket promotions. From custom made food and drink carts like: Fried Food and Hot Dog stalls. Ideal for refreshments stands like: Coffee, Beer or Alcohol. Custom made and printed with your company graphics. Waterproof and weather resistant.

In-store Sampling Counter
£399 £359.10
Portable Food Counter
£425 £382.50
Sampling Display Counter
£199 £179.10
Portable Vending Counter
£399 £359.10
Portable Product Counter
£449 £404.10
Sampling Counter Stand
£399 £359.10
Portable Outdoor Counter
£1895 £1705.50
Branded Container Bin
£150 £135.00
Food Sampling Counter
£2150 £1935.00
Portable Sales Counter
£899 £809.10
Promotional Sampling Counter
£4999 £4499.10
Event Sampling Counter
£3999 £3599.10
Vending Drinks Cart
£2399 £2159.10
Vending Food Cart
£2100 £1890.00
Hot Dog Cart Counter
£2150 £1935.00

UK Made Sampling Counter Carts For Promotional Sales, Trade Fairs And Sporting Events

Sampling counters and carts are designed to be portable and used fir a wide selection of businesses venues, from outdoor sales catering, product sampling for new and existing products. Sampling counters are more commonly used and related to food or beverage sales and predominantly are designed and manufactured for that very purpose. Portable counters are often flat packed in construction and take only a few minutes to erect and dismantle.

Choose from many different styles of counter that can be used to sample food or sell drinks, like:  Confectionery, Savory Products, Energy Drinks, Alcohol and more. Stand banner supply promotional counters to all manner of companies both small and large and include brand names like:  Kinder, Relentless, Coca Cola, Fanta, Morrisons, Moet Chandon, Mr Kiplings, Dunkin Donuts, Greggs, Krispy Kreme and more.  Regardless of the size or your business, from miro brewery and cottage industry to blue-chip PLC, we have the right solution for all your promotional counter needs.


Portable Food And Drink Counters

Portable counters are designed to be used anywhere from outdoor events and festivals to indoor supermarkets and trade fairs. Regardless of your venue we have the best food and drink cart to promote or generate sales for your business. Sampling or sales can be beneficial to your company and a fab way to engage and meet customers for face to face product feedback.

Our counters have been used to sell and promote every kind of food and drink based product there is from sampling: Cakes, Burritos, Mineral Water, Champagne, Sweets, Burgers and Hot Dogs. There are endless probabilities for preparation and sales vending and we can even procure or manufacture custom bespoke sampling counters with the ability to fry boil and microwave food.


Street Food Vending Carts For Outdoor Venues

Heavy duty vending carts designed to be used day in, day out to sell hot food products like: Chips, Fish, Donuts, Hot Dogs, Burgers and more. Street food is a convenient way to generate sales and a great opportunity to gain revenue at sports events like Football, Rugby and Tennis. Sports events are common and with fans often in need of a convenient bite to eat, you can monopolize on this situation, with a stand alone independent food cart, that requires no electric and runs off gas. The vending carts are designed to be wheeled from location to location and be completely self sustaining and everything is integral to the cart including gas and water.

Sampling sales cart is manufactured from stainless steel and includes everything, you&39;ll need to be able to sell food or drink in the high street, Hard wearing robust made wheeled trolleys custom manufactured for a specific use. All our sampling counters and carts are supplied with full colour printed graphics from your brand or graphics supplied. Graphics are scratch resistant and waterproof and will not fade in sunlight.


Portable Counter Bars For Beverage Sales

Wheeled drinks carts are designed to be used by breweries and beer companies at outdoor events and are a convenient way to vend more beer and take your bar to the street. Beer vending cart is manufactured from stainless steel and houses all the keg and gas for independent use. Simply link up the chilled keg and begin pulling pints, quick change attachment allows for hassle free dispensing.


Printed Graphics For Your Business Branding

Branding and graphics are all done in-house so you can rest assured your graphic prints will be perfect and match your existing corporate colours. We print onto long lasting vinyl and then over laminate for added protection and guarantee many years of use in all the elements, from wind and rain to bright sunlight.

Parasols if applicable are also printed in your business colours and are an added feature to your sampling counter or hot food cart. We can print your logo or whatever your branding you require.


Depending on the style of counter or cart, delivery can be anything from next day delivery, to delivery within 2-3 weeks. Banner Stand deliver to the UK as standard but also have optional delivery service for Europe and even world wide. For more information or prices on delivery just put your counter into the cart and enter your country.