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Pavement Signs

UK made and manufactured pavement signs for promoting your business in the high street. Quality A boards for all weather promotions and branding. Low cost advertising stand a boards to suit your marketing budget needs, choose from a wide selection of styles and sizes. Optional print and posters service for easy change graphics and sale offers.

a board pavement signs
£69 £62.10
Snap Frame Wooden A Board
£169 £152.10
Rigid Pavement Advertising Sign
£149 £134.10
A Board Pavement Sign
£109 £98.10
Swinging Pavement Sign
£229 £206.10
A Board Hygiene Station
£195 £175.50
Water Base Pavement Sign
£115 £103.50
Mobile Forecourt Sign
£275 £247.50
Economy A-Board Sign
£55 £49.50
Lightweight Portable A-Board
£99 £89.10
Standing Banner
£179 £161.10

UK Supplier Of Pavement Signs For Advertising Promotions And High Street Sales

Pavement signs are a common sight on high streets throughout the UK. Their versatility makes them an ideal display product for retail sales and promotions. There are many different types of display that can be classed as a pavement sign: A-boards, chalkboards, swing signs, rigid signs and more. These boards work in a variety of ways; some include an interchangeable poster system, while others let you write directly onto the surface of the board. One thing they all share is their portability, ease of use and effectiveness at getting your business or organisation noticed.


Outdoor Advertising A Boards

Outdoor advertising a boards is an essential element of any bricks-and-mortar retail establishment. If passing foot-traffic provides a lot of your trade, then a physical sign that informs the public and promotes your business is essential. Whether it is used to promote sales and offers, or as an information sign (e.g. showing opening hours or services available), a pavement sign can be an efficient, economical display for everyday use.


A-boards And Swing Signs

Two of the most popular types of pavement sign are A-boards and swing signs. These displays have been used for years, mainly to get small businesses noticed on the high street. One of the most popular models is the A-board, so called because of its ‘A’-shaped frame. An A-board is a double-sided display that allows printed posters to be inserted behind a plastic cover, providing protection from the elements. A-boards are generally made from lightweight aluminium to aid portability, and can be weighted at the feet for additional stability. For simplicity and impact, there is no better product than a poster A-board. Another popular pavement sign is a swing sign. These are also common on high streets outside shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs to advertise and promote products and services. Our swing signs feature an interchangeable poster system for quick-change graphics, allowing businesses to adapt quickly and offer sales and promotions to the public at a moment’s notice.

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