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Custom Printed Tents

UK manufactured custom printed tent gazebos and branded parasols for outdoor promotions and advertising at Festivals, Carnivals and Sporting events. Commonly used by both small and large companies to promote and market they're product and brand. Choose from a wide selection of styles and sizes, simple and easy to erect from Stand Banner.

UK Supplier Of Custom Printed Tents For Outdoor Sales Promotions And Business Advertising Marketing

If you are looking to buy an outdoor tent or gazebo for your business, charity, or organisation; then we have a number of solutions to suit. There are multiple options to choose from, including aluminum frame tents, inflatable gazebos and dome tents; all with custom-branded graphics featuring your artwork or branding. There are a multitude of sizes and accessory options, which can be confusing for first-time buyers, but we are more than happy to guide you through the process.


Branded Tents For Outdoor Events

For outdoor promotional events and advertising, branded tents and gazebos provide practical shelter from the sun, wind or rain, while allowing for full branding on the walls and canopy. These are commonly seen at outdoor events in the UK such as fairs, fetes, outdoor conventions, festivals and many more locations where local, national and international businesses can promote and sell their products. Branded tents and gazebos are particularly useful as beer tents and snack bars, as they can be assembled and disassembled on location, quickly and easily. The versatility of these tents is why you can find them in the marketing arsenal of almost every UK industry including breweries and beverage companies, car manufacturers, technology companies, small businesses, charities, local councils, government agencies, schools, colleges, universities and more. They are used for sales, promotions and advertising, recruitment drives, demonstration areas, rest stops, health and safety tents and have many more uses.


Aluminium Frame Tents and Inflatable Dome Gazebos

Having described the various uses for custom tents and gazebos, you need to know about the different types available. The most popular models are aluminium frame tents which often feature custom-printed canopies with printed side walls (these can be full walls or half walls). The walls can be printed single or double-sided for maximum brand exposure. They are fairly straightforward to set up, and collapse into a convenient carry bag for storage and transport. Inflatable dome tents provide an option with quick setup using either an electric or manual air pump. They also feature a fully branded canopy and walls. These are unique display tents that provide an eye-catching branded shelter with an opportunity for 360 degree branding. Whichever option you choose, we will help you make the most out of your display and your event.


Printed Marketing Stalls For Sales Vending

Custom printed marketing stalls for outdoor vending and sales are ideal for industrial use and commonly used by both small and large companies alike to sell or vend they&39;re products. Companies like micro breweries or donut stalls and even deli style food stalls. These small yet heavy duty tents are ideal for heavier products and are supplied with custom printed graphics in keeping with your branding. Simple to erect and hard wearing for businesses use, designed to be portable and used in any weather, be it rain or shine, snow or gales. Perfect for cottage industries just starting they&39;re marketing and sales out in Markets and Festivals.


Printed Parasols For Outdoor Branding

Printed parasols, although not a custom printed tent, provide shelter and branding for your business, be it at different venues but more often than not for permanent use outdoors for protection against the elements, be it wind, rain and UV protection. We offer 3 styles of parasol umbrellas complete with your graphics for company branding and designed to be either portable or for continuous use at a fixed location. Use like, pub beer gardens, cafe restaurants and much more. Branded parasols can be used in conjunction with larger event displays for outdoor public spaces. Commonly used by marketing companies for brand launch, sampling and promotions. We are more than happy to provide free help and advice on any of the products in our range, simply call Banner Stand.