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UK manufactured and custom printed promotional flags for promoting your business outdoors at sporting event signs. Choose from a wide selection of size and styles feather flags to meet your marketing needs. Advertising flag banners are easy to erect and transport and suitable for any surface. Commonly used at beaches, parks, regattas, festivals and more.

Double Sided Flag Banners
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Flag Banner
£95 £94.05
Outdoor Feather Flag
£99 £98.01
Promotional Flags
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XL Outdoor Flag Stand
£870 £861.30
Suction Cup Flag
£45 £44.55
Advertising Flag Banner
£499 £494.01
Flag Banner Signs
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Lamp Post Flag Banner
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UK Supplier Of Promotional Flags For Outdoor Events And Promotional Sales Advertising


Promotional flags are a staple item for outdoor event signs, and have been for many years. They are all-weather, year-round displays that are extremely easy to set up, and have a number of hardware options that allow them to be used on a variety of surfaces. We provide beach flags and promotional flags in a variety of sizes with single or double-sided print, allowing for maximum branding opportunities.


Custom Printed Advertising Flag Banners For Promoting Your Business

The most popular types of promotional flag are commonly referred to as beach flags, although they can be used in almost any outdoor location. These can often be seen at outdoor events such as sports days, fairs, fetes, outdoor conventions, festivals, motor shows, country shows, exhibitions and many more locations that provide opportunities for increasing sales and brand awareness. Beach flags come in many different shapes, the most common being teardrop, blade and feather flags. The different styles are mainly for personal preference, with each one providing a slightly different look and feel. They are also used frequently at retail locations for outdoor advertising. Garden centres, car showrooms, garage forecourts, supermarket car parks and out-of-town shopping centres can all benefit from digitally-print flags to draw attention to branding, advertising and promotions.


Outdoor Printed Feather Flags

Our custom-printed flags are suitable for a variety of locations by adding accessories that allow them to be used on different surfaces. The flag hardware is made from a carbon fibre pole with a sublimation-printed fabric flag graphic. It can then be accessorised with a spike for use in sand, snow and earth; a cross base for flat surfaces, such as tarmac or concrete; a hollow plastic base that can be filled with water or sand to aid stability in strong winds; or a ‘drive-on’ base that can be supported under a car wheel. This makes ‘beach’ flags an extremely versatile option for almost all outdoor events. If you require more information regarding our range of outdoor flags and accessories, please feel free to get in touch.



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