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Inflatable Displays

Inflatable displays are ideal for any weather event and delivery unmatched branding for your company. From inflatable branded furniture to cans, bottles and even inflatable logos. Ideal for outdoor events and festivals and commonly used by sporting brands for WOW factor

UK Supplier Of Inflatable Displays For Outdoor Events, Festivals And Brand Advertising

Custom-branded inflatable displays are a unique and highly-effective method of advertising and promotion. They are primarily designed to draw public attention and raise brand awareness, but can also be practical when in the form of tents and inflatable furniture. We supply a range of custom inflatables to promote your business, including arches, pillars, air dancers, beer bottles and custom shapes to meet your specifications.


Promotional Inflatables Advertising For Your Company Brand

For outdoor promotions, getting the public to pay attention to your business or brand is the number one priority. Inflatable advertising allows you to do this in an effective way on a large scale. Inflatable displays allow for giant promotional advertising at a fraction of the cost of similar sized alternatives such as billboards or large-format signage. Portability is also a huge benefit of an inflatable display, as it can be transported and set up at an event quickly and easily. Multiple inflatables can be used together; e.g., a marketing gazebo populated with inflatable furniture. Whatever you need to advertise, we have an inflatable option that will create a spectacle at your event.


Inflatable Product Promotions Using Air Tight And Pneumatic Inflatables

Inflatable displays come in two main types – air-powered and airtight. Most of our displays are airtight, meaning that once they are inflated they do not need a continuous flow of air to stay upright. This type of display is most convenient when used at events such as exhibitions and trade shows, as a constant source of power is not required. They can also be a focal point for product launches, with custom shapes used to promote anything from beers and beverages to cars and motorbikes. Inflatables are great when used outside retail locations such as car dealerships, showrooms, garden centres, supermarkets, retail parks and anywhere exposed to public foot-traffic to engage and increase brand awareness. Get in touch if you have a custom requirement, and our team will advise you on the best way forward. We are more than happy to provide free help and advice on any of the products in our range, simply call Banner Stand.