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iPad Display Stands

Apple iPad stands for use at events and trade show exhibitions and also sales promotions, where you need to use an iPad display stand. Ideal for use as a freestanding tablet stand where the public can use Apps or applications online. Choose from a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit your. Compatible with Google and android tablet devices.

Uk Supplier Of iPad Display Stands For Promoting Your Business

iPad Display Stands are becoming an essential part of a variety of public-facing events and industries. As a larger and larger percentage of business is conducted online, it is essential that your customers and clients have access to your business’s digital presence whenever possible. For example, an exhibition or trade show display can utilise iPad display stands for a variety of reasons: to give customers access to online catalogues, to present digital information on products and services, to demonstrate apps and software, to encourage point-of-sale opportunities and more.


iPad and Android Free Standing Tablet Stand

Our iPad and tablet display stands come in a variety of models and styles. Our most popular model is a freestanding iPad display that is portable, easy to set up and is height-adjustable. This type of display is great for exhibitions and trade shows, as it can be transported easily to and from events. It can house a number of iPad models, from older models to the newer iPad Air. We also have stands that fit generic Android tablets to give you the versatility to fit the device of your choice.


Interactive Multimedia Displays

With the technology sector in the UK making giant leaps forward, promotional events for both startups and established tech companies are becoming more and more prevalent. Android and iPad display stands allow these companies to demonstrate their latest advances and interact with visitors to give them first-hand experiences with the latest apps and software. Additionally, other industries such as retail will also see a huge benefit from interactive tablet displays, allowing hands-free ordering in stores plus access to online catalogues.

However you need to integrate multimedia into your business, we can help you find a solution. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of our products contact Stand Banner.