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Exhibition Furniture

Exhibition furniture is a great way to brand your business office reception or display stand at exhibition trade shows. Ideal for all promotional events from sporting to red carpet, V.I.P and even movie premiers. Choose from a wide selection of branded seating and related items for indoor and outdoor use. Fast UK and International delivery guaranteed.

Printed Directors Chair
£116 £98.60
Printed Bean Bag
£125 £106.25
Printed Portable Seating
£420 £357.00
Branded Eco Seating
£24 £20.40
Custom Printed Furniture
£965 £820.25
custom printed hammock
£115 £97.75
Branded Decking Heater
£499 £424.15
Event Bistro Chairs
£260 £221.00

UK Supplier Of Exhibition Furniture For Trade Show Events And Promotional Marketing

Exhibition Furniture is a broad term that encompasses a vast range of items. In general, exhibition furniture is defined as something that can be used to accessorise an event space, adding a practical element to your display booth to aid in the communication of your message. This can include seating (chairs, stools, cubes, inflatables), surfaces (tables, plinths, counters, desks), multimedia (tv stands, iPad stands, literature stands) and many more products to enhance the experience of a visitor to your exhibition display.


Promotional Furniture And Branded Seating 

Exhibition promotional furniture are a particularly important part of any trade show display. Whether you need a space to demonstrate new products, or a surface that supports a laptop to take advantage of point-of-sale opportunities, we can provide something that suits your requirements and can be branded to match your exhibition graphics. If you want to give visitors a fuller experience, seating can be included in the form of foam cubes, bar stools, folding chairs, inflatable sofas or a number of other quirky, memorable options that can be branded to your liking. With a combination of tables and chairs, you can ensure your customers can be fully engaged at your event and leave with a positive experience.


Trade Show Furniture and Accessories

If you want something that is truly memorable, we can provide a number of inflatable seating options. Our printed portable seat is an interconnectable tube-shaped bench that can be customised with your branding. We also provide branded inflatable chairs and sofas to make visitors feel comfortable in your event space. Each of these options is air-tight, requiring no further inflation once assembled.

We also sell a range of exhibition furniture and accessories that are unique to Stand Banner, such as branded patio heaters, custom-printed furniture, bespoke deck chairs, custom-printed directors’ chairs and many more items that can be branded to your specifications. Whatever you need to accessorise your space and make visitors feel welcome every time, consider the elements you need to achieve this to create a full, memorable experience. Feel free to contact us for any help and advice regarding anything in our product range.