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Exhibition Stands Lights

Exhibition Stand Lighting adds warmth to your pop up or banner stand and is a great way to attract more customers and attention at trade show events and exhibitions. Choose from a selection of halogen lights to suit your needs. Low wattage and universal fitting makes these lights suitable for any display.

Pop Up Stand Lights
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Banner Stand Lights
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exhibition lighting
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Expo Stand Lighting
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Uk Supplier Of Exhibition Stand Lighting For Portable Display Stands

Exhibitions and trade shows are still some of the best ways to get your business noticed by potential new clients and customers. Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor, or it is your first time at a promotional event, you’ll likely have a number of exhibition stands designed and ready to go. The great thing about exhibition stands is their reusability; they can be taken to multiple events throughout the year at different venues. When exhibiting in different locations, exhibition stand lighting is an essential part of your display to ensure that your graphics are brightly lit and are the focus of the public’s attention at your promotional event. We offer a range of different lighting options for displays including banner stands, pop up displays, shell schemes and more. This includes halogen and LED spotlights and floodlights which are mains-powered for maximum illumination.


Pop Up Stands Lighting

Pop up stand lighting is a great way to illuminate your display in dark environments, or to simply increase the focus on your graphics. From a single light on a 3x1 pop up stand, to multiple lights on a gantry system, exhibition stand lighting can enhance your display to new heights. Our range includes basic halogen lights for banner stands, to LED floodlights that will help illuminate a large pop up display. Whatever the stands you use to make up your exhibition or trade show display, we have a lighting solution for you.


Spotlights and Lighting Accessories

Our range of exhibition accessories includes not only lighting, but a variety of products to enhance your display. These items include exhibition counters, literature displays, iPad stands, freestanding TV stands and more. We also offer a range of fully-printed accessories to increase brand awareness at your event. This includes printed bean bags, deck chairs, inflatable furniture and other branded accessories to create as big an impact as possible. If you need any information regarding anything in our range, including exhibition accessories or display stands, feel free to get in touch. We are more than happy to provide free help and advice on any of the products in our range, simply call Banner Stand.