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Display Plinths

UK Supplier of portable display plinths for sales promotions and product marketing. Used in a wide selection of places, including in-store demonstrations and exhibition events. Lightweight product counters provide a podium to display products on with custom printed graphics for company branding.

UK Supplier Of Display Plinths For Sales Promotions And Product Marketing

Portable Display Plinths are a unique item, designed for the presentation of products for public viewing. They can be used at a promotional event to advertise a new product range, an exhibition/trade show to advertise new technology to potential customers and clients, or anywhere a physical product needs to be displayed for public viewing. Our plinths come with a custom-printed graphic wrap to add your branding to the display. This makes them a great addition to other display items, such as banner stands and pop up displays which can all share the same graphic style, reinforcing company or product branding. They are available in multiple sizes, with optional extras such as iPad countertops, carry bags and graphics drums. For more information contact Banner Stand.


Display Plinths for Exhibitions

Our bespoke product plinths, or display pedestals, are ideal for use at exhibitions and trade shows. They are custom-branded with your graphics — we will supply artwork templates with all of the necessary specifications in order for you to create the most eye-catching display possible, making the biggest impact. Our display plinths can also be used in shops, galleries, museums and many more locations to allow for the practical display of a variety of objects for easy viewing. Our plinths are strong enough to support medium/heavy items safely and securely, without the worry of collapse or distortion. We have a variety of sizes available, suitable for any event.


Custom Product Plinths

As mentioned above, display plinths are versatile items that are easy to transport and assemble, while creating a practical, high-impact display that has multiple uses. An alternative use for a display plinth would be a small promotional counter. If space is restricted in your event location, a plinth will act as a compact, stable counter. It could be a small demo or sales counter, or an interactive unit with an integrated iPad display top. However you use your plinth, we can help you choose the most suitable model to make the biggest impact. Feel free to get in touch for more information on any of our products.