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Backlit Displays

UK manufactured backlit displays for retail promotions and sales marketing, ideal for in-store product marketing and P.O.S. Custom printed backlit advertising signs are available in a wide selection of light box styles and shapes to meet your budget needs.

UK Supplier Of Backlit Displays For Retail Promotions And Sales Advertising Marketing

Backlit Displays are superb advertising tools for retail, as they can provide a huge display area with bright lighting to increase their impact even further. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and feature vibrant large-format graphics with backlit LED technology. The artwork can be replaced, evolving with your business as your advertising and promotional needs change. They are easy to assemble, and come in a variety of models. Our displays are available in sizes from small, poster-sized displays to huge, three metre wide, wall-mounted or freestanding models. If you need an ultra-effective advertising and promotional tool, this is the item for you.


Backlit Advertising Signs For Business Promotions

Our backlit advertising signs can mainly be found in retail locations, such as department stores, high street shops and supermarkets. They are also great for fast food advertising and in entertainment venues such as cinemas and theatres. Additionally, they are superb for general advertising in train stations and airports. As you can see, they are extremely versatile, and will fit into any marketing plan with ease. The bonus of having an illuminated display over a standard poster sign is the increased impact they have on the public, resulting in increased awareness of your advertising and ultimately your brand. They can be temporary or permanent fixtures in retail locations for general or specific advertising and point of sale, and are great when used alongside other display stands such as display counters.


Illuminated Retail Signs

Advertising is of huge importance to a retail business, and managing a marketing budget is an essential part of success. We can provide backlit display stands that fit most requirements: we offer single-sided and double-sided freestanding displays, large-format wall-mounted displays, freestanding models with SEG fabric graphics and many more products. We offer impactful LED backlit stands that are modular, and can be connected to form complex exhibition and trade show booths that grab the attention of the public with ease. Feel free to get in touch for any help and advice regarding anything in our range.


LED Backlit Display Walls For Business Promotions