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Exhibition Parts & Accessories

Exhibition Parts & Accessories for all aspects of exhibiting. We sell replacement parts for pop up stand frames and banner stand cassette systems in a wide array of styles and sizes to match your existing display stand. Wide selection of magnetic based products for pop up stand graphics panels, including hangers, mag bars and poles.

Uk Supplier Of Exhibition Parts & Accessories For Trade Show Events

When you exhibit regularly at promotional events and trade shows, you will often require parts and accessories to keep your display performing at its optimum level. This could mean replacing broken, worn or lost pieces for a pop up display; replacing banner stand poles; accessorising your stand with tables or rails; or adding functional items to aid in the assembly of your display, such as step ladders or trollies. Whatever you need to make your display perform at its best, we can provide the parts and accessories to suit.


Pop Up Panel Accessories

If you have your own printer and want to manufacture your own display graphics, we can provide the parts and accessories you need to finish your panels, ready for mounting. For shell scheme panels, we provide large rolls of Velcro tape that are suitable for attachment to loop nylon walls. This is a common method of attaching semi-rigid printed panels to shell schemes or folding panel stands. We also provide magnetic tape which is used to attach printed panels to a pop up frame. Plus, we supply the required hanging kit that fit on top of your panels to provide an accurate fit, as well as the magnetic bars that fix to the frame for mounting. Replacing your pop up panels regularly allows you to update your branding, refresh your sales and offers, or simply keep your panels from looking tired and worn. Whatever you need to keep your exhibition displays fully functional, we can provide the parts necessary to do so.


Replacement Pop Up Stand Frames

Stand banner supply all makes and models of replacement pop up stand frames for lost damaged pop up stands. Lightweight aluminum frame designed to fit your existing pop up stand panels. We stock brands like: Ultima, Plex, Easy Stand, Discount Displays, Display Wizard and more. All stands have manufacturers warranty on frame and mag bars.


Display Stand Spare Parts

We have an extensive range of pop up stands and banner stands to provide eye-catching exhibition and trade show displays for all types of promotional events. We offer extensive support for our products by offering parts and accessories to increase the longevity of the displays, allowing you to reuse them at events, time and time again. This reusability decreases the impact that manufacturing, and exhibiting in general, has on the environment. We recommend our customers reuse their stands as much as possible, and we are more than happy to help keep any of the displays we supply working at their optimum level by providing help and support. Spare parts include banner stand poles and bags. We also offer reprinted graphics so your hardware can be reused at each separate event you attend.

We are more than happy to provide free help and advice on any of the products in our range, simply call Banner Stand.