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Magnetic Pop Up Stand Bars

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Magnetic pop up stand bars for use with magnetic pop up display frames using magnetic graphics. For exhibitors that have lost or damaged they're magnetic bars and need replacements for an upcoming event or trade show.

If you need help identifying the correct bar brand please email us a photo:

Please confirm the correct bar before you order. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Dimensions: 35mm (w) x 650mm (h) 18mm (d)
  • Constructed from aluminium and plastic
  • Lightweight and robust construction
  • Weight: 0.2kg

UK Supplier Of Magnetic Pop Up Stand Bars For Replacement, Lost, Broken Or Damaged

Stand Banner sell all replacement parts for all brands of pop up displays, no matter what make or model we can replace, fix or manufacture. Magnetic bars can often loose they're polarity or even worse you loose your magnetic pop up stand display bar altogether, this renders the frame and graphics all bar useless, unless you can replace the part. We offer replacement parts for all makes and models of pop up stands, including many systems from china and worldwide. Typical all mag bars are either snap fit or magnetic and are only suitable for certain models or systems, they may differ in size width and fixing to the frame.

We also can repair your frame if need be and source new parts or manufacture. Pop up frames often have wear and tear from use and many plastic components that can sheer or break. 


Replacement Pop Up Stand Parts

Common brands that use magnetic bars include well known companies like Ultima Displays, Plex Display, EasyStands, Clip and obviously our own brand of pop up stand from Stand Banner. When ordering new parts for your pop up frame please be sure to confirm the make and model, so we can send the correct fitting mag bar. 

Depending on the size of your frame you will need lets say 18 mag bars for a 3x3 pop up display single sided and should go up in increment of 3 normally each size up, for example a 3x4 would require 21 and so on. Please note this is for single sided pop up's and you would need a lot more for double sided. Call for more information or Email.


Printing Graphics For Pop Up Stand Frames

Printing graphics to go with your replacement parts makes stand banner a one stop shop for all your exhibiting needs. At stand banner we print everything you'll ever need for branding and promotional needs, all our pop-up's are printed on quality stay flat 500 micron material complete with latex inks for an environmentally solution. All panels are hand finished and magnetic tape applied.

CYMK print process gives realistic solution to your branding needs and colour continuity is guaranteed to match your existing branding. All prints are waterproof and UV stable meaning it won't fade over years of use.



Fast friendly delivery for all your trade show spare parts. Stand banner offer next day delivery in the UK and delivery within 2-3 days to Europe and further afield.

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