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Pop Up Stand Magnetic Tape

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Magnetic tape has a wide variety of uses in the exhibition world and you'll find is common on most pop up stands and displays. The tape is used on the rear of the panels and is attracted to the magnetic frame.

The tape makes it easy to erect and position the graphics correctly. After time the graphics will loose some of they're polarity, so if you want to re-vamp your existing pop up graphics, your going to need our 12mm mantic tape.

Alternatively used in some trade show graphics for shell schemes and even used on some of our portable exhibition stands. For more information on the most applicable use for stand banners most well known magnetic tape. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Size: 12mm x 25m
  • Suitable for pop-up panels and Linear graphic attachment
  • 25m Roll is suitable for 3x3 pop up stand

UK Supplier Of Pop Up Stand Magnetic Tape For Pop Up Stand Panel Graphics Curved And Straight

Pop up stand magnetic tape is a strong heavy duty  self adhesive tape with a strog adhesive backing. It is ideal for pop up exhibition stands or where magnetic fixing is required. This high performance self adhesive tape is used widley in the exhibition systems.  It is a long lasting tape which can be replaced easily in future years.The tape thickness is 1.5mm by 12mm X 30mt.It is essential for heavy pop up display stand panels. The most common usage is for trade show boths and straight exhibition stands. This tape is also used widly for pop up graphics, so easily to attached to the metal panels. It only takes minutes to assemble or remove.

This item is used to exhibit stands at trade fairs, exhibition venues, our strong belief is continued in this high quality product and reliability. Customers and clients  return to us as using our product of high quality material is important to their success. We use this tape on   frames purchased from Easystands, Ultima Displays, Plex displays etc.


Pop Up Magnetic Panel Tape

This self adhesive  magnetic tape is widley used on graphic panels media prints. If purchasing a 3X3  pop up you would need 1 roll or 20mt tape.The magnetic tape panels fit together effortlessly suitable for both curved and straight systems. The printed panels would advertise your company product on  the highest quality media. Graphics are printed in full colour and complete with laminate before the  magnetic tape is fixed to the panels.This then would be  attached to a strong lightweight aluminium frame to ensure a rapid set up.These Popup Systems would greatly enhance your company business.

Stand banner are recognised name in the firld of exhibition printing and it's highly likly that your magnetic tape came from us. Buy from stand banner for 100% quality assurance that your graphics will stick to your magnetic frame like glue.