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Digital Sign Displays

Digital sign displays is a term that covers many different interactive tools. These include touchscreen retail displays for in-store sales, iPad tablet holders for payment apps and mobile point-of-sale, and many other functions. Digital interaction is becoming an essential element of any business.

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Digital Sign Displays are fast becoming essential elements of any business that deals with customer and client interaction in the real world. Retail businesses in particular are finding the usefulness of products such as touchscreen kiosks and digital advertising screens to be an increasingly important part of their overall success. As passive screen technology, such as monitors and TVs, becomes outdated and less useful, interactive displays lead the way in the future of business technology.


Freestanding Digital Signage For Public Interactive Touchscreens

At retail locations, such as supermarkets, shopping centres and high-street stores, interactive displays can be used for a range of purposes to improve business. iPad and tablet stands can be used for interactive catalogues, online sales, information points, payment apps for point-of-sale and more to increase versatility and customer engagement.


As well as iPad and tablet stands, we provide standalone touchscreen kiosks that allow customers to interact and purchase products and services without the need for a sales advisor or cashier. Similar displays have been in use in high street stores such as Argos, or restaurants like McDonalds for many years, and are filtering their way into smaller businesses to give customers more autonomy in their shopping experience.


Digital Advertising Displays

Another function of digital signage is for advertising displays. Where a physical printed advertisement is often costly to change, a digital screen can display a different graphic in an instant. With the option for video and animation, digital advertising is becoming the standard for businesses everywhere. Digital posters for product promotions are becoming a common sight in department stores, as they can be updated using a physical USB drive or through a network connection in a matter of seconds. This is particularly useful in a fast-paced industry such as mobile phone sales or technology retail where the products change and update regularly to the point where printed advertising becomes slow and impractical.


Whether you are looking for an inexpensive way to bring your business up to date with today’s technology, or you need a complete system to provide your customers with an interactive shopping experience, we have products that will suit your requirements. Please feel to get in touch regarding any of the products on our site, and our team will be happy to provide free help and advice. For more information contact Stand Banner.