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Queue Safety Barrier

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The Queue Safety Barrier enables safe and orderly queueing in locations such as department stores, shopping centres, restaurants, post offices, banks and in many other environments where customer safety is paramount. It is ideal for helping to maintain social distancing in busy areas. These barriers measure 1 metre wide x 1 metre tall, and multiple barriers can be linked together. They are made from strong, lightweight aluminium and wipe-clean 5mm plastic panels (available in frosted or white). MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Dimensions: 1m (w) x 1m (h)
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium frame and poles
  • 5mm plastic panels available in white, frosted or clear
  • Can be connected in multiple configurations
  • **Manufacture time is subject to change, please check before you order**

Queue Safety Barrier and Social Distancing Pedestrian Divider

The Queue Safety Barrier is designed to facilitate safe and orderly queueing in businesses open to the general public. These barriers help to maintain social distancing, in keeping with any health and safety regulations that may be in place. They are made with strong, lightweight aluminium poles and frame with easy-to-clean 5mm plastic panels which are available in clear, frosted or white variants. Standard dimensions of a single barrier are 1 metre wide x 1 metre tall. Multiple barriers can be linked together easily and configured in a way to suit your requirements. The aluminium bases ensure stable footing to help prevent tipping over.


Pedestrian Guidance Systems

Queueing systems and safety barriers are a necessary requirement for social distancing and overall safety in busy pedestrian areas such as retail stores, supermarkets, post offices, banks and many other locations. Used in conjunction with floor markers and freestanding signs, safe and effective queues can be maintained to provide an efficient experience for customers and staff alike.


Health and Safety Barriers

We have a range of health and safety items, including social distancing banner stands, hygiene stations and clear workplace anti-viral shields for use in offices, workshops and retail. For more information on any of our products please feel free to get in touch.