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Anti-Viral Roller Banner

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The Anti-Viral Roller Banner is an essential item to provide safe and hygienic working environments. For retail and public spaces where close personal contact is unavoidable, these roller banner stands are a great way for providing temporary, portable partition screens to reduce the probability of infection from person to person. Available in 85cm wide and 100cm wide models, by 200cm tall. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Portable transparent screen made with wipe-clean vinyl
  • Easy assembly roller banner stand, set up in seconds
  • Small and efficient storage when not in use
  • Suitable for retail environments and public spaces
  • Suitable as a temporary or semi-permanent solution

Anti-Viral Roller Banner, Transparent Covid-19 Portable Partition Screen Ideal For Shops, Retail, Gym's & Hairdressers

The Anti-Viral Roller Banner can help protect against the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus by providing a full-height transparent screen to reduce face-to-face contact in public environments. These banner stands are made using a fully transparent vinyl that can be wiped down easily. They are easy to set up, taking mere seconds to assemble fully. The screen pulls up and attaches to a sturdy vertical pole then rolls down into the base unit when not in use. These are available in 0.85 metre wide and 1 metre wide variants, by 2 metres tall.


Portable Transparent Anti-Viral Partition Screen

Retail environments and locations with frequent public gatherings such as post offices and supermarkets can benefit from these full-height screens that help separate customers in queues and at checkouts. They can act as social distancing barriers and anti-viral screens to prevent direct infection from one person to another through coughs and sneezes. If you don’t require a permanent screen, or if you need a portable solution to provide anti-viral support to your business, then these anti-viral roller banners are ideal.


Covid-19 Coronavirus Prevention Products

Our range of products to help the country get back to work includes social distancing banners, video conferencing backdrops, hygiene counters and more. We can provide custom-printed displays with your branding for use in public spaces. Many of our products can be kept clean easily with off-the-shelf cleaning products to maintain health and safety standards in the workplace. If you need help and advice regarding any of our displays, please feel free to get in touch.