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Office Desk Divider

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The Office Desk Divider is designed to prevent the spread of viruses in workplace environments such as offices, retail stores, workshops and more. They are easy to clean and keep sanitised, and also easy to assemble requiring no tools. They are ideal for use between computer workstations where staff work side by side. Available in multiple sizes. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Easy to clean and keep sanitised
  • Ideal for offices with computer workstations
  • Easy, tool-free assembly
  • Available in plain, single-sided or double-sided print

Office Desk Divider for Social Distancing in Workplaces and Retail

The Office Desk Divider is a simple solution for separating staff in an office or workplace environment when it is difficult to maintain sufficient social distance. Desk screens and dividers prevent coughs and sneezes from dispersing into the air, potentially allowing viruses to spread. These dividers are made from wipe-clean plastic and can be plain white or printed. They are the quickest and easiest solution for separating computer workstations in offices, maximising the space available while providing much needed separation between staff.


Office Screen Dividers

In an open-plan office with staff working together closely, viruses can spread quickly without any sort of system in place to prevent contagion. Items such as screens and dividers can drastically lower the likelihood of staff becoming ill, maintaining health and safety for the workforce as a whole. These items are also necessary for retail environments, workshops, production lines and anywhere staff work in close contact with one another.


Health and Safety Screens

We have a range of items designed to maintain safety standards and social distancing regulations to help aid in the smooth running of businesses up and down the UK. These include social distancing banner stands, office COVID-19 screens, sanitising stations and more. If you need information on any of our products, please feel free to get in touch.