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Anti-Viral Car Shield

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The Anti-Viral Car Shield is an essential item for maintaining good health and safety standards in commercial passenger vehicles. It is designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus and other airborne diseases by providing a transparent barrier that is easy to clean. Made from a flexible clear vinyl, visibility can be maintained. *No safety certificates are provided with this item, so please use at your own discretion* MORE INFORMATION

£70 +vat
Key Features
  • Anti-viral Covid-19 Coronavirus screen
  • Flexible clear vinyl, easy to keep clean
  • Helps protect driver and passengers from airborne particles
  • Universal fitting for most vehicles
  • *No safety certificates provided, use at your own discretion*

Anti-Viral Car Shield, Covid-19 Barrier for Commercial Vehicles

The Anti-Viral Car Shield is designed for cars being used as commercial vehicles to help maintain health and safety standards. The barrier is made from clear vinyl and is easy to clean. It is compatible with most small to medium cars, utilising a universal fitting. It creates an effective shield against airborne particles from passengers, helping to protect everyone in the vehicle by reducing the spread of viruses.


Taxi and Uber Car Hygiene Barriers

This shield provides a protective barrier for those who drive commercial passenger vehicles, such as taxi and Uber drivers, where close contact with customers is unavoidable. Viruses such as Covid-19 Coronavirus are largely transmitted through coughs and sneezes, or from physical contact. The acrylic shield acts as a barrier to reduce this contact as much as possible and keep both the driver and passengers safe.


Covid-19 Health and Safety Products

We have a range of anti-viral products available for those who need to work in close proximity to others in environments such as offices, workshops and retail stores. These items include social distancing banner standshygiene counters, sanitation stations and more. By taking precautions early the spread of viruses can be reduced to a minimum, allowing workplaces to be productive in a safe and clean environment. If you need any help and advice regarding any of our products, please feel free to get in touch.