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Anti-Viral Counter Screen

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The Anti-Viral Counter Screen is a necessity for safe and hygienic working environments. It is a clear, portable screen that is easy to set up and provides protection for staff and customers. It is made from an almost unbreakable plastic that is light and durable. The screen is available in multiple sizes, from 60cm to 120cm wide, and from 60cm to 100cm high. MORE INFORMATION

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£120 +vat
Key Features
  • Hygienic shield for working environments
  • Freestanding display for desktops and counters
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely resistant to breaking and damage

Freestanding Anti-Viral Screen for Desktops and Counters

The Anti-Viral Counter Screen is an essential piece of equipment to help prevent the spread of viruses in working environments. To prevent close contact between staff and customers these screens have been created to allow for clear and easy communication while providing a barrier to limit the possibility for infection for those that deal with people face-to-face on a daily basis. The screen is available in multiple sizes, from 60cm to 100cm wide, and from 60cm to 100cm high. They are made from a light and durable plastic that is extremely resistant to breaking, and they can be set up quickly and easily.


Covid-19 Clear Screens

During the Covid-19 pandemic anti-viral shields and hygiene accessories are essential items in the fight to limit the spread of the virus, and they will likely be commonplace in working environments for the foreseeable future. Anti-virus shields help to prevent sickness when regular interaction with the public is unavoidable.


Anti-Virus Hygiene Accessories

These screens are ideal for use with many of our portable counters and can be set up quickly to provide an easy-to-use method of limiting exposure. They will work with our pop up counters, promo counters and almost any of our portable counter displays. If you would like help and advice regarding the use of these screens please do not hesitate to get in touch.