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Acrylic Retail Screen

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Clear acrylic screen guard protection against virus Covid 19. Ensure visitors, customers and staff are protected, with the Acrylic Screen Guard. Available with or without hand gap, it can also be used as a hygienic desk divider. The acrylic screen can easily be wiped to ensure its clean and sanitised.

Social distancing saves lives and prevents the spread of the disease known as coronavirus.

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Key Features
  • Dimensions: 120cm (W) x 80cm (H) x 40cm(D)i
  • Unit is made from 5mm acrylic
  • Foot support slots into screen to stabilise the unit
  • Screens flat pack for ease of shipment and storage

Clear Acrylic Screen Guard For Retail / Business Protection From Virus Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Stand banner are proud to announce a new rapid selection of virus spreading display stands to prevent the spread of covid 19 or more commonly known as the coronavirus. In these adverse times against all odds we have listened to our customers in they're plight to continue with business, while tackling the Virus Covid 19. Many business require companies like ours to provide retail equipment but with the outbreak/ pandemic of the coronavirus we at stand banner have had to think quick and supply even quicker. Retail be it grocers or NHS are on the front line in differing levels and require many products that provide hygiene to prevent the spread of this disease. 


Retail Protection Against The Virus Covid 19

It's a small step but an important one in slowing the spread of this disease and returning the UK and Europe to a normal level of retail business, unfortunately to continue on and over the coming months we must take every precaution that helps us all social distance from one and other and possibly for many months if not years to come. Until a Vaccination has been discovered for this evil virus. Stand banner regret this but we are trying to adapt our product line so we can all stay safe and continue with our lives and business.


Fast UK Delivery For Pandemic Coronavirus Equipment

Stand banner offer worldwide, Europe and UK delivery on all of our products in the fight against the pandemic Covid 19. Regardless of what you have ordered, we are committed in providing the fastest service possible for all virus protection goods and PPE.

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