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Mobile Screen Divider

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The Mobile Screen Divider is constructed from clear 4mm acrylic in a strong aluminium frame. Each screen measures 900mm x 2000mm and is fixed with 360 degree castors for mobility. Screens can be linked together to create larger barriers to segment offices and workplaces for improved health and safety. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Dimensions: 900mm x 2000mm
  • Clear 4mm acrylic in a robust aluminium frame
  • 360 degree castors offer superb mobility
  • Multiple screens can be linked together
  • Essential for implementing social distancing in workplaces

Mobile Screen Divider for Office and Workplace Hygiene, Health and Safety

The Mobile Screen Divider is designed to act as a clear physical barrier in offices and workplaces to reduce face-to-face contact. By minimising close contact between staff and/or customers, the spread of contagious viruses, such as COVID-19, is limited greatly which helps the workforce stay healthy. These screen are made from 4mm clear acrylic in a robust aluminium frame that is fitted with 360 degree castors to enable the unit to move in any direction. This allows them to be mobilised easily when required. Multiple units can be linked together to create a larger barrier that can be used to separate rooms or offices into compartments or cubicles.


COVID-19 Screens and Barriers

Screens, barriers and dividers are an essential element of any busy environment that involves close interpersonal contact. In particular, offices, workshops, retail, hospitality, hospitals and healthcare will need anti-viral solutions in place to maintain health and safety standards. These barriers will help to implement social distancing based on government guidelines.


Social Distancing Screens

We have a range of screens, barriers and dividers to aid the workforce in the effort to get things back to normal. This includes office screen dividers, workplace COVID-19 shields, retail safety screens and more. For information on any of our products, please feel free to get in touch.

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