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Pedestrian Barrier

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Stylish pedestrian guidance system complete with rope and pole for unlimited uses, from film premiers to club queuing systems. Opulent display gives a sense of wealth and importance with this elegant product. Fast next day delivery available. MORE INFORMATION

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2. Choose Your Ropes (1000mm - 1500mm)

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Key Features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pole Dimensions: 960mm Tall x 355mm width
  • Custom configuration for infinite possibilities
  • Chrome effect and black finish poles
  • Heavyweight post and base 8kg
  • Rope available in red, burgundy, blue or black
  • Available in 2 different lengths 1000mm and 1500mm

UK Supplier Of Pedestrian Guidance Barrier For V.I.P Red Carpet Events, Nightclubs And Public Queuing System

Free standing high quality pedestrian guidance barriers for a wide array of uses. Portable system designed to be used for internal use and give flexibility when used. Commonly used to coral or guide people in high footfall areas and create an orderly cue, also used in VIP event stand to hold back photographers or paparazzi. 

Choose from a selection of styles including chrome and black, including a selection of coloured ropes that reflect the decor or corporate event colours. Flexible use indoor and outdoor system allowing you to connect multiple poles and ropes for infinite possibilities.

Stand banner is pleased to be able to offer you a product that will sure to support your exhibition shows or event. Why not add some guides in the high volume of custom by creating an orderly queue for clients or even holding paparazzi back in an awards evening. These free-standing high quality are perfect for most events, they have a wide array of uses even if it's keeping people back from a large product that shouldn’t be touched. We commonly receive orders from Cardiff national history museum for new pedestrian barriers. We have sold this product to many countless blue-chip businesses, from hotels to nightclubs wanting to form an orderly queue on busy weekends or give a VIP effect. This product is very versatile, you can add as many or as little barriers to create your desired look. 


Pole And Rope Barrier Queuing System

Stand banner have sold this rope barrier system to countless blue chip business, from hotels to nightclubs for that VIP effect. Functional bling that provides directional guidance for executive lounge entry system. Heavy duty base and pole in brilliant finish for carefree internal or external use. 

Fast united kingdom service for customer satisfaction. Next day delivery guaranteed and even same day delivery for London based customers, from Stand Banner.


Graphics And Design 

This product comes in a range of different styles and colours. All of our colours are very versatile and will suit any event for any colour but we do give you the option of being able to pick your colours and styles for your suited event. Our poles come in two different styles, a stylish chrome or sophisticated black. The poles are free-standing with heavy-duty bases to provide you with a carefree internal and external use. We then offer you a range of different colour ropes, from red, blue, burgundy or black. They also co e in different sizes 1000mm or 1500mm. 


Delivery And Service

We at Stand Banner are proud to be able to provide you with a worldwide delivery service that ensures no matter where you are in the world your parcels are sure to get there in a safe and secure manner. We have a highly experienced dispatch team that ensures all of your products are checked before dispatch. Stand Banner have common connections with many worldwide companies that require our services, we support red carpet events in not only providing them with guidance barriers but our very our personalized carpets perfect for your movie premier whether it is in New York, Hollywood or London we at Stand Banner have got you covered.