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Lockable Poster Case

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Introducing a Lockable Poster Case to your business is the best way to be sure that your artwork is safe and protected at all times thanks to it's tamper resistant features. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use, but particularly for outside displays, as you won't need to worry about the poster being removed or defaced when unattended. This Poster Case would be great for indoor or outdoor public areas, retail stores, offices, service stations, hotels, spas and many more businesses.

Stand banner offer a range of sleek wall mounter frames to advertise your company, we provide you with the best promotional wall mounts ranging from different sizes to variety of colours to enhance your publicity. Our wall mounts are made from a secure powder coated aluminum and are built in detail to ensure the best quality and protection of your artwork. The lockable cabinet that stand banner provides allows you to freely change or update your posters when needed. Using a waterproof basted paper for your posters will keep your artwork in perfect condition in all weather. The case is simple and incomplex to mount,it is provided with pre-drilled holes to allow you to simply mount to the wall using screws.

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Key Features
  • Size: A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 30" x 20", 40" x 30", 60" x 20"
  • The frame profile is 45mm thick and 30mm deep
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Lockable poster case is perfect for outdoor advertising displays
  • Keeps your display safe with a key opening lock
  • Can be displayed portrait or landscape

UK Supplier Of Lockable Poster Cases for Promotions and Advertising

this lockable stylish poster case is a powder coated californium frame. Its wall mount gives the frame a sleek look, the fame is water resistant and temper resistant keeping the poster looking like new although PVC or a waterproof based paper. The aluminium case doesn't only protects the poster but it also protect it getting damaged or destroyed. The locked frame can be displayed landscape or portrait. Its for both indoor and outdoor use ensuring your artwork is safe and secure wherever it is. The fame comes in three different colours, black, silver and white allowing your poster to be suited to the correct colour scheme. We provide a range of different size cases for your type of promotion. The sizes range between  A4 to A0 in white and black and in silver the sizes range from A4 to 60"x 40". the frame has a thick profile giving the case a proffesionall display appearance.


Wall-Mounted Poster Signs For Your Business

This primatial lockable poster case is idea for shopping centres, hotels, service stations, public areas and many more where you feel that your poster should be seen. This is an event stand information cabinet to provide the public with information about your business. The stylish lockable cabinet is suitable for different trade promotions such as public services, food and drink promotions, retail offers and  commonly used outside by larger companies to display information and posters about theatres, leisure centres and also attraction like the London eye, London dungeons, London sea life, national nature museum  or Thorpe park. These poster cases can be mounted strategically to encourage and enhance sales. These cases will not only help you to promote your sales but will also help keep your poster protected as the case is provided with a key to lock your poster inside the mounted wall case. 

Available in a wide selection of sizes to suit your marketing budget, remember that size matters in advertising and more often than not bigger is better. When promoting your business its important to ensure your big bright colours and text and by having this protected case it will help to keep colour in your poster and will stand out more by protecting the posters material and detail in the poster. For more information contact standing banner and get free impartial advise.

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