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Custom Printed Flooring For Business & Promotional Advertising

Printed Flooring Lab-Floor 6-7 days Production

  • 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee
  • Maximum width UK - 3m x 15m (Please call for larger widths)
  • Limited reflection and great for outdoor use
  • Water resistant
  • Joining large prints above 3m wide. Double sided tape is recommended.
  • Thickness 3mm
  • Ideal for Mid - Long term use
  • Anti Slip & Trip
  • B1 Fire Certificate
  • Weight - 1.55kgs/m2

Need a pvc banner up to 3 meters heigh by any length, in a hurry? Enter your requirements into the boxes below (1 meter = 3.28 feet)

Before proceeding, please calculate your required size


Hardwearing bespoke printed carpet for retail and event and exhibition branding. Cost effective solution for serious exhibitors and marketing companies. Commonly used for red carpet and film premiere events. Professional fitting recommended.

Custom Printed Flooring

Full colour digitally printed carped for reiterating your brand, ideal for putting your stamp on an event or business premises or bar restaurant. Full picture quality graphics, so can be used to print logos and images onto the floor. B1 fire rating makes your printed carpet ideal for internal use at events and trade shows. Three metre wide carpet width can be spliced to create infanate widths for any size room or space. We recomend proffesional installation of this product.


Retail Business & Promotional Advertising Event Floors

Ideal for all manner of promotions and shop point of sale, where the carpet floor can be printed with custom graphics to complete a truly stand alone display, that demands attention and adds to the brand. Commonly used in retail for short term sales promotions of new product lines that are to become money spinners, like a display to launch the new Harry Potter book or used for photo opertunities and even a cost effective solution for film premiers and even confrences and seminars.

Stand banner provide all the eqipment and printed material, you'll ever need from posters to marketing displays, we supply the lot. Commonly used on small shell scheme stands three metres wide, by any length. We can print your logo in high definition along with images and text to complete your corporate look from floor to ceiling.

Red carpet events and company seminars are a common use for this product, it adds proffesionalism and can be used time and time again at your yearly A.G.M meetings.