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Deluxe Cafe Barrier

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Deluxe Cafe Barrier advertising signs for convenient high quality promotions and publicity outside your pubs, cafe's and restaurants. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Sizes: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m wide (banner sections) x 85cm High
  • Heavy duty post and base (Deluxe chrome effect finish)
  • Includes 1200dpi printed graphic banners (single sided)
  • Reinforced PVC banner (525gm/2)
  • Waterproof and UV stable (Won't fade or run)
  • Post & Base Weight:8Kgs
  • Chustom Sizes Available Call: 0800 246 1352
Download our easy-to-use artwork guidelines & templates
Deluxe Cafe Barrier - Artwork Template

UK Supplier Of Cafe Barrier For Restaurant Branding & Pedestrian Guidance

Deluxe cafe barriers are ideal for any business looking to make a lasting impression with bespoke custom printed street level banners for dividing your space whilst giving a professional look and feel. Stand banner offer a convenient way to advertise your brand and business whilst still being practical and also providing shelter to your customers. Cafe barriers come in many shapes and sizes and colours but deluxe are often supplied in chrome or gold to give a more opulent look and feel. Simple and easy to erect and designed to be portable at the end of the day or leave outside as a long term signage display. 

Ideal for both big and small brands in the high street or even a rural location like a pub bar or restaurant where outdoor catering or socialising. Even though it's most common use is for the leisure industry it can often be seen used as a pedestrian branded guidance system for hospitality, companies or businesses like: Gym's, Museums, Nature Reserves, Retail, Horticultural and more. Whatever your industry and you need for pedestrian guidance and branding, then branded barriers are ideal for you.


Printed Advertising Barrier For Pubs, Cafe's & Restaurants

Stand banner supply high quality banner printing for cafe barriers and use only the finest quality materials and inks, in the production of outdoor signs. Cafe banners a re printed using 500gsm blackouts banner with reinforced membrane for longer lasting stronger and more durable banners. We use latex inks that are eco friendly and UV stable, also waterproof and scratch resistant, so won't fade or mark. We print using latex inks in four colour and six colour process for the best pixel perfect graphics, suitable for printing large solid colours, photos and logos. All windbreak barriers are reinforced with a hem and eyelet so there is twice the strength and capable of greater wind conditionings.


Promotional External Branding For Hospitality Industry

Branding and marketing play a significant part in the hospitality industry and we are drawn towards recognised brands as a bench mark for quality and reliability. We offer a one stop shop for all aspects of business branding from banner stand to posters and more. Promoting your business through semi-permanent signage can be a great way to firstly re-enforce your pub, restaurant or cafe logo or to promote and inform of other products or brands that you endorse. Cafe windbreaks can also be used to market and advertise events like Halloween, Christmas Parties and more with simple change graphics, these barriers are a good form of local advertising.


Fast production And International Shipping

Stand banner deliver worldwide so customers with large chains and brands can rest assured we will deliver on time and within budget. Take the headache out of distribution for your displays and use stand banner for the complete one stop shop for all your business marketing worldwide. Stand banner can deliver your printed barriers all over the European continent to cities and countries like Paris, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg. Oslo, Rome and many more.