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Display banner signs for business promotions in showrooms, retail and shops. Freestanding sign banner stand that is portable and easy to erect. MORE INFORMATION

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£120 +vat
Key Features
  • Assembly in 60 seconds
  • 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m 2.0m (W) x 2.15m (t),2.4m & 2.9m (W) x 2.4m (T)
  • 140dpi digital print quality + B1 fire certification.
  • Heavy duty aluminium base + Supplied with carry bag
  • 1 year hardware guarantee
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Display Banner Signs - Product Information
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UK Supplier Of Display Banner Signs For Business Promotional Signage

Sign banner stands for presentations and events is critical in achieving maximum exposure. Our display banners are unique and stand out from most other banner stand signs. We print wide, tall and 3 metre banner stand bigger than anyone in the UK. These stands are the best solution for eye-catching, portable sign promotions and marketing at exhibition conferences and trade shows. We also provide optional exhibition design service London for all of our display needs to give your event space extra impact.


Portable Advertising Display Sign For Promoting Your Business

Stand Banner are leading supplier of display stands for all manner of events and exhibitions from large displays for event marketing and promotions. We are the UK number one for exhibition stand banner in the UK. We also offer tall stands for specific marketing or promotional needs to provide a bigger impression at exhibitions or trade fairs. Our sign displays are also available on express service on our sign banner stand, 1.5 metre and 3 metre wide. Simply select the stand you require for next day delivery. For easy and safe transactions online, we now accept PayPal as a preferred payment method.


Print & Sign Company

Stand Banner are a commercial print company based near London and offer high quality printed banners for exhibiting and marketing at shows and venues in London, from Madame Tussauds to the Tate Gallery and Museums we supply fast high quality large format printing for all your corporate display advertising needs.

Portable advertising display banner stand are the largest banner stand available in the UK. It can be used for almost unlimited internal exhibiting use and is also suitable for displaying at exhibitions and company trade fairs and conferences and all manner of situations where you need to make a lasting impression. With the our 3 metre stands you get a deluxe quality display that rolls up in seconds and can be used repeatedly for any promotions. We deliver the UK biggest 3m wide banner stands UK within 24 hours as standard any where in the UK and London.


Advertising Sinage For Marketing And Promotions

This product also has a similar use but alternative use for promotional banner signs and company brand sign stands. With its overwhelming size this marketing display stand demands more attention and makes the perfect promotions backdrop for many things including red carpet photo opportunities at film premieres London or similar event and for product launch backdrops if you want to make a big impression or advertise.


Does Your Business Need The Wow Factor Signs

With so many uses and so many stands to choose from on the Internet it must be confusing if not impossible to choose the right stand for the right job. Well we can help if you need to make a big impression or get the wow factor at an event, conference. Our business is based on quality commercial cosmetic backdrops for companies that must have the very best quality.

London is a city built for presentation and high society living and often host many red carpet events and conferences along with company seminars. Remember to think of us when you think of quality, don't make the mistake and buy poor quality stands. If you want quality and you want to look good in the city, buy from Stand Banner.

Pull up banners are our best selling banner stands ideal for use at exhibitions trade show displays, conferences and advertising at all manner of events where you need to make a big impression. With our 2 metre banner, you get a premium quality display stand that rolls up in seconds and can be used repeatedly for all your promotional need.


Information Guide

Sign Banners are designed for use internally at room temperature at 21 degrees. Advertising banners are more susceptible to temperature change and therefore will expand and contract more, this is an unavoidable feature of this larger display and the banner under less than ideal room temperature will curl slightly but will however return to its exact form when displayed at room temperature.