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Exhibition Promotional Counters

Stand Banner recognise the need for portable workstations for when companies are out and about marketing they're products or services. We supply a wide and varied selection of marketing aids and advertising banner backdrops designed to promote your brand company and product from simple banner stands to promotional displays there is nothing we can't custom print or manufacture for you to promote your business.

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Free Advice On Choosing Counters For Presentation Marketing & Sampling

Promo counters are simple and cost effective way to make a work are to use for promoting products and use as a desk to talk to clients or distribute or demo new products. Often these portable self assembly stands are commonly used in retail for new and existing product launch and tasting booth. Many new products have hit the high streets from these stands and have been proven very successful in marketing campaigns throughout the UK.

Promotional counters come in a small selection of sizes to suit your branding needs whatever they might be, from industrial products to confectionery we have the portable display counter for you and for larger product that require more of a presence we print display plinths that can present heavy industrial items. always phone to ask if you don't see the desk or counter you need we can custom manufacture to suit your needs. Simply phone or if in London pop in to our office where you can see the latest in pop up counters and display marketing.


Pop Up Counter For Trade Show Events

On the road and need a little help with presenting your company or just need a space to store items and a desk to right on that is portable and branded. Probably the easiest counter of all to erect with biggest impact and the available in multiple sizes to suit your event or trade show. Durable and hard wearing with heavy duty integral shelving and optional branded banners with leaflet distribution, this stand is the big daddy if you want to set the bar and become a player in this game. First impressions matter that's why you come to us, you'll find we are on point for brand awareness and what you need to take your game to the next level for any exhibition or campaign.

We have branded and help launch a thousand products from cheese sampling in Devon to energy drinks in Barcelona to the X Games and Tesco's and why because or stands are designed and manufactured better than our competitors generally when you buy a promo counter it's purpose is designed to be used repeatedly and deliver the same level of ease and quality as when you used it the very first time.

Why use us?. Simple because you want the best exhibition counters at the best price, but more importantly you want it to last for many years in all the elements and still make your company look good.

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Branded Marketing Counters

How do you promote and market your brand and introduce new products and test public response?. Easy, there are many situations and products designed to strengthen your brand and company awareness from retail point of sale to exhibitions and trade fairs all are designed to introduce or emphasis your market awareness and generate sales.

Stand banner have over twenty-five years experience in promoting and advertising your company brand from design to manufacture we have been at the fore front of cutting edge design and practical application of exhibition products for every situation and venue. From information desks at festivals and airports to generating new sales in retail and at motorway services, no matter what your thing is, we can help. You need us to produce high quality affordable branded furniture for exhibiting and promoting at the highest level. Except no other substitute in your marketing campaign as we are the UK leader, why not visit our London showroom for free friendly advice and to see what portable counter is right for you. For more information contact Banner Stand.