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Exhibition Information & Helpful Advice Guide

Stand banner below is some information on exhibition display venues in the UK and advice on taking part in an exhibition. We have done extensive research on the positive effects of various exhibition items from banner stands to exhibition pop up stands and have selected the best advice for effectively using your display at your event. This will help you to select the most effective display items for your show.

Exhibition / trade show information and guidance on pop up stands and banner stands.
Below is some useful advice for your exhibition or trade show event.


Make the most effective use of your exhibition graphics

  • The design of your stand needs to be instantly eye-catching to possible customers and clients at your show.
  • Ensure the design of your graphics has as much impact as possible.
  • Ensure your graphics are the most visible they can be to visitors.
  • Rigid PVC panels can be used to cover the walls of an exhibition area.
  • Banner stands are great, quick set-up, portable display units.
  • Pop up stands can create an effective centre piece to a display.
  • Make sure that you have ample transport for all of of your exhibition display stands.
  • Ensure your company branding is strong and clear.
  • Supply your designer with the highest possible resolution images to work with and provide the best results.
  • Place the order and provide artwork for your exhibition stand at least 4 weeks before your event.
  • Take extreme care with your stand before your event to keep it in good condition.


The benefits of exhibition banners and pop up display stands

  • Banner stands and exhibition pop up stands systems are some of the most economical exhibition displays.
  • Your exhibition stand could be manufactured within 24 hours of placing your order.
  • Portable exhibition stands are some of the easiest stands to assemble, and we are always available if you need advice.
  • All of our stands come with comprehensive assembly instructions.
  • Portable exhibition stands are reusable and extremely versatile.
  • Portable displays are easy to set up, take down and store.


The benefits of exhibiting

  • Exhibitions can directly increase sales.
  • Your exhibition display can be used as a retail space to sell goods directly.
  • Increase you market awareness.
  • Connect with your target audience.
  • Interact with prospective clients and customers.
  • Meet existing clients in person and learn about the competition.
  • Advertise new products and services.
  • Use your event as an opportunity to demonstrate products.
  • Find other businesses with whom you can strike deals and build relationships.
  • Compete in the same arena as big name brands.


Static tensioned banner stands


  • Static banner stands are the lightest banner stands available.
  • They are usually the cheapest stands available on the market, especially when purchased in large quantities.
  • These stands can be picked up and repositioned without any effort or fuss.


  • This type of banner stand is best for temporary display.
  • Assembly is a little more complex than a roller banner stand and may take longer to do.


Banner stands


  • Roll up banner stands are one of the easiest exhibition displays to transport and set up.
  • These banner stands can be assembled in under a minute.
  • The print is protected inside the base when not in use.
  • Banner stands can be used over and over again.
  • There are various sizes available from 85cm to 3.2m wide.
  • Banner stands are available in both single and double sided versions.
  • A large sized banner stand can replace the need for a pop up stand at a much lower cost.


  • Larger retractable banner stands may require special transportation requirements.
  • Banner stands over 2.4m wide will require more than one person for assembly.


Outdoor / external banner stands


  • The printed graphic is weather and fade resistant.
  • The base can be weighted for increased stability.
  • Construction of the stand is extremely durable for outdoor conditions.


  • These displays have a smaller print than indoor banner stands.
Pop Up Stands

Pop up stands are basically panels fitted almost seamlessly onto a collapsible frame. The frame 'pops up' during set up and can be transported simply to any exhibition. Only one person is required to set up a pop up stand. The graphic panels are printed onto high quality, tear resistant ink jet media and over laminated. For more information contact Banner Stand.