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Stand banner have teamed up with white rabbit design to improve our graphics services for customers, who want more of a one stop shop for all they're marketing needs. We offer cost effective logo design in the UK for every budget. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features

Logo Design Company UK - Corporate Business Logos Designers London

Stand banner offer comprehensive design service for all your graphics needs, from simple business logo design to complete re-brands. Fast friendly reliable service, with over 30 years experience in graphic design. Nominated for design and innovation awards in the UK.

With many of our clients looking for logo design in London, we have specialised in all styles of logo branding, from retro to cutting edge modern designs and influences.


Modern Business Logo Concepts

We offer every style available and enjoy a challenge in every sence of the word, from standard and safe logo design to modern trends and movments in Logos. Stand banner can deliver on time and within budget for any modern logo design you might require, no matter your business type, we are ready to take your concept to the next level and more.

Understanding our clients needs in a modern business enviroment is a must for any London design agency looking to make a statment in cutting edge design. Stand banner offer the complete package, from start to finish and at prices you can afford, no matter what your budget is.


3D Logos & Futuristic Design

If you want to stand out from the crowd and identify your company in a memorable way, then you might consider a futuristic logo, that can be created useing 3d software to have a completly unique logo, unlike anyother company. 3D logos can be simple or complex, in rendered form or even in vector format allowing the logo to upscaled without any loss of quality and with the ability to be utalised in many more situations.


Conventional & Traditional Typographic Logos

If you have a business and you need it to reflect traditional approach, lets say a solicitor or a more conservative business that does not need to shout out, then we can design an elegant logo that uses just typography or even a monogram that is recognisable yet still distinctive in your given business areas.

Typography is an integral part of design and essential in all aspects of logo design. We use fonts and typography that reflect your style of business and compliment your brand. With millions of fonts to choose from your business can truly be distinctive and with the right design and digital print company, you can create a logo that will last for many years and look as good as it did the first day you launched it.



Creating a unique logo/mark is one of the most important area's of graphic design and yet it can be one of the most over looked. With a friendly & professional service and over 20 years experience in logo design & branding, Segment Design will walk you through every crucial development stage of creating a new logo/identity as they are more than aware of how important this is for the success of your business or brand for the future.

Stand banner are able to offer you a variety of logo style options to suit your every need whether it be lettermarks (monograms), wordmarks (logotypes), pictorial marks (symbols), abstract marks, mascots, emblems or a combination mark (logo comprised of a combined lettermark or wordmark, abstract mark or mascot). Once the style has been established then Segment Design will take your chosen company name (letter form) and develop along with you a distinctive logo theme that will work in harmony with your business and it’s values, these can consist of a clean & modern logo, illustrative, detailed, block, script, simple, child like & geometric shapes just to name a few.