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Wheeled Pop Up Stand Cases

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Exhibition cases are an essential component for the transit and storage of exhibition hardware and graphics. We supply cases to protect pop up stand panels and exhibition graphic prints.

Without a doubt you need your graphics protected from venue to venue. London is a bustle of people and vehicles and it is easy to get your pop up displays damaged in transit and that woun't do, so invest in quality transit cases that will make your life simple and get the job done. Rely on us the London pop up stand company for all your exhibition needs. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Multiple styles and sizes
  • Constructed from tough moulded polyethylene
  • Wheels and handle to aid transportation
  • Deluxe Pop Up Case holds frame and full set of graphics
  • Midi Wheeled Case holds one full set of exhibition/pop up panels
  • Weight 1: 8Kgs
  • Weight 2: 10Kgs

UK Supplier Of Wheeled Exhibition Stand Cases For Transporting Pop Up Stand Panels To Exhibition Events

Wheeled pop up stand cases for exhibitions or trade shows. They protect your stand against damage when in transit and storage so you can use your display time and time again. Exhibition stands cases come in different types for different stands to protect both hardware and graphics. Exhibition drums and banner stands tubes are designed to protect your graphics separately from your stand hardware. Your exhibition stands are an essential marketing tool that you can utilise again and again. Storage and transit are two major concerns when maintaining the quality of your exhibition display. roller banner stands and pop up displays each have their individual carry and storage cases that keep them protected. Graphic panels are particularly susceptible to damage if not protected properly. An all-in-one transit case can carry a pop up display stands and lights, and double up as counter unit during an exhibition.


Pop up Graphics Drum For Trasportation & Storage

Do you require protection in transit and storage. transit cases are strong, durable canvas cases which offer superb protection during transit to and from exhibitions and trade shows for your display stands. They are an essential part of any display setup, allowing your stands to be stored safely and transported without the likelihood of damage occurring. we supply a selection of widths and cases suitable for exhibition banners roller banners and many other kinds of display banner. Simply call or visit our london showroom for free advice and to view the product. A display stand case provides the essential protection required for the transportation of your exhibition display stand between events such as exhibitions and trade shows. Your banner display are better protected with a specially designed transit case that fits your individual components snugly.

Our stand banner cases are specifically designed to fit our self-assembly, portabledisplay stands. These cases have individual channels that keep components safe and secure and are strong enough to be transported long distances between events. They are made from durable moulded plastic that will withstand bumps and knocks in transit and storage.

The safe storage of your exhibition stands between events is an essential element to ensure that they can be reused again and again, saving you money. Exhibition displays are designed for reuse, making them one of the most economical ways to exhibit. Portable pop up displays, such as banner stands and pop up stands, usually come with their own cases. These can be simple fabric carry bags, or large moulded plastic transit cases which can double up as a counter/podium.

Most exhibition stands are designed for reuse at multiple display events. The types of display that can be reused over and over are, obviously, the most economical. This is why the protection of displays such as banner stands and pop up stands is extremely important so your items can be used at all of your promotional events throughout the year.


Pop up Stand Cases

If you are looking for a bigger case for a pop up stand or related item you might be looking for a pop up stand case. If you have any questions plaese call our London office.

A pop up graphics case offers the best protection for your pop up exhibition display graphic panels when transporting them or storing them between events such as exhibitions and trade shows. This sturdy case can be used to store an additional set of pop up graphics London and keep them protected for future display use.

The main benefit of a portable exhibition pop ups is its reusability at a variety of events. Many portable exhibition display stands rely upon large-format graphics that require proper protection in transit and storage. For 3x2 pop up stands graphics, a trade show graphics case is an ideal addition to any exhibition setup. The case will ensure your graphics are protect from scuffs, scrapes and dents that would otherwise cause your display to become unusable.

The pop up stand case is designed to protect and store your pop up exhibition displays safely when in transit and storage between exhibitions and trade shows. Transit cases are sturdy and will hold your pop up stands and pop up graphics securely to prevent damage. Your exhibition stands benefit a great deal and are well protected by the addition of a custom designed transit case.

Storage for exhibition panels is an essential element to any display. There are a variety of options available, each one suited to a different form of exhibition graphics panels. Large plastic moulded cases are ideal for exhibition panels. These panels can be prone to mishandling when in storage if not protected properly, and a strong plastic storage case is ideal for their protection.