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Parasol Base

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The cement parasol base is a sturdy, durable 20kg base designed to support both the circular parasol frame and the square parasol frame. The Base allows either parasol to stand in wind speeds of 13-18mph. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Assembled Dimensions: 380mm (H) x 450mm (W) x 450mm (D)
  • Quick assembly (almost portable)
  • Split pin locking mechanism
  • Tension screw for secure fit
  • Weight: 20.86kg Approx.

Heavyweight Parasol Base For Weighted Umbrella Stands

The cement parasol base is a sturdy, durable 20 kg base designed to support both the circular parasol frame and the square parasol Frame. The base allows either parasol to stand in wind speeds of 13-18mph. It is quick to assemble with a split pin locking mechanism by just one person, the dimensions are 380mm (h) X 450mm (w) X 450mm (d). Provides extra stability and easy to move from place to place for marketing display stands.


Weighted Umbrella Stands

Business that use these portable heavy weight concrete bases to support their parasol display banner stand or umbrellas range from pubs, restaurants, sporting venues to VIP areas. They are ideal to safe guard your promotion from wind and rain. Commonly used by companies to promote and increase sales for short or long term period. Used at prestigious sporting events and even in last rugby world cup to promote and advertise items from drinks, food, rugby kits and boots etc. Ideal companion for outdoor or external marketing display stands that demand attention and more importantly encourage sales. Subliminal advertising helps promote products by gaining familiarity and in doing so is a form of brain washing. Why do you think Coca Cola is the most recognised brand in the world, we can even recognise it if only a small part is shown, this because we are so use to seeing it on everything from packaging to promotional banner sign stand display.

We have sold Hundreds to companies to provide a stable base so that they have confidence to promote their product on the parasol. It is ideal for outside seating venues that will advertise your company product or logo making customers and staff feel safe from the parasol or umbrella blowing over.


Functional Design

Stand banner offer a vast array of related equipment designed to promote and sell your company. It is essential to increase sales by advertising your company products. We at stand banner offer a solution to all your out door events by offering a complete service from designing, producing and advising you as to what is commonly best used. Our commitment to you is to offer a comprehensive range of products at a reasonable price.

We as a company have a wealth of experience from selling products to design and printing. Our customers range from small one man companies to multi nationals, using us over and over again.For more information please visit our Website at stand banner.

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