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Branded Vending Kiosk

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Branded Vending Kiosk is delivered fully assembled with your company logo/products displayed on the outside. It is constructed of strong steel, has a side door entrance and a security roller shutter front window. It can be a temporary or a permenant fixture at your choosen venue (planning permission etc must be obtained). These branded vending kiosk have been used at beach fronts, motor services, music festivals and popular tourist attractions to sell drinks, food, sports and music accessories. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Dimensions: 3000mm (h) x 2400mm (w) x 2450mm (d)
  • Dimensions: 3500mm (h) x 2400mm (w) x 2450mm (d)
  • Dimensions: 4000mm (h) x 2400mm (w) x 2450mm (d)
  • Robust metal construction, powder coated
  • Windows sliding/aluminium profile - standard serving window, 1900m L x 1200mm W
  • Fresh water system heating boiler, water pump (available as extra upon request).
  • Portable stand alone unit (mains electricity required or generator)
  • Secure and safe, with roller shutters and heavyweight doors
  • Custom built and personalised modifications available*
  • Weight: 1 - 2 ton

Branded Vending Kiosk For Portable Promotion Sales Cabin

These portable sales marketing kiosk are delivered fully constructed and made from strong steel. It has a secure side door entrance and roller shutter serving window that enables the cabin to be left over night or for long periods of time. Stand banner customise your cabin/kiosk with your company logos and branding, printed on the outside (an additional anti graffiti film can be an added extra cost) The inside will have a catering bench plus room for shelving or space for your electrical equipment etc. The kiosk is used mostly outdoors at popular venues such as tourist attractions, parks, seaside, national trust land and high foot fall areas. The kiosk is delivered on a lorry and you will would need a lorry for moving to another venue or location of your choice.


Portable Promotion Sales Cabin

The promotional vending kiosk have been widely used to promote and generate sales at music festivals, sports competitions, beach fronts and motor service stations. It is a strong freestanding unit that can be used to sell and manner of refreshments or promotional goods, like ice cream, drinks, memorabilia to cooked food such as hot dogs and burgers. The branded kiosk can be static or a seasonable item moving to different site for the next attraction. Your brand product needs to out shine your competitors by having a modern look to attract your customers attention. This marketing display vending kiosk has a spacious interior to store your company products. Companies that have used the branded kiosks range from Pepsi Cola, Walls Ice Cream, Ginsters Cornish Pasties to Malvern Mineral Water. They have been used at venues such as Glastonbury music festival, Hyde park, Wimbledon tennis tournament to animal shows such as the Royal Welsh. This vending kiosk is a winner for all your sale and marketing needs.


Marketing Design & Branding

Custom design and branded graphics and cabin for 100% personalised work space and image. Stand banner can design the external digitally printed graphics, quickly and simply, so you can get on with running your business. We can use your existing corporate ID and advertising to wrap your kiosk for no matter what. Simple cost effective design solution for one stop shop marketing. Bespoke modified cabin can be tailor made to suit your company needs, we can arrange for all manner of internal modifications to be made, from adding hand wash units, to sinks and even solar panels to make it 100% stand alone self contained business. Whatever your graphic design requirements, email or let us know, we are here to help and can email you with a competitive quote.


General Specifications

Length- from 3000mm to 10000mm (best sellers; 3000mm,3500 and 4000mm in length).
Width – 2450mm
Height – 2400mm

Windows – sliding/aluminium profile - standard serving window  - 1900m L x 1200mm W x1
(more sizes available upon request).

Serving hatch – x1

Door - 2000mm x 800mm x1 (aluminium profile upon request).

Fixture and fittings (Standard Kiosk)

Exterior fittings – exterior security shutters x 1.

Interior fittings – some worktops/cupboards/shelves/sink with tab (any layout, as extra available upon request ).

Fresh water system – heating boiler, water pump  (available as extra upon request).


Electrical – standard electrical installation in accordance with BS, 4 double sockets, fusebox,lamp,main switch, external socket. (any amp. package can be provided upon request).

Ventilation – electrically operated ventilator 250m3/hr

Color - most of the color from the Ral pallet (any two colors can be mix and match)