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Mobile Frying Cart & Street Food Vending

  • Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Mobile Frying Cart

Mobile frying cart for street food sales and vending

Mobile Frying Cart For Street Food Sales

Stand Banner bring to you our highest quality aluminum Mobile Frying Cart, perfect for your delicious fried Dunkin doughnuts or British chips on the go at the local beach or shopping center. This cart is cost commonly used at sporting events, food, and drink fares or landmark displays. Your company could benefit from this product? how you may ask? Well not only does this product help promote old or new products it can also be personalised to support your business with your company branding or products, this is used by ensuring we offer the highest quality inks to make your cart pop with colour to catch the eyes of by-passers. This product is fantastic way to promote your business and generate profit by offering food on the go to by passers.  The mobile frying cart also comes with a fully printed parasols to keep shade over your products on blazing how sunny days or even the rain when you happen to be proving on those not so great days, but this product is sure o bring you custom.

Frame & Facts

We at Stand Banner strive to offer the highest quality HP inks, to ensure that your promotional trolley is perfect for any advertising need. The Trolley is completed with its easy wipe clean stainless steel surfaces, this includes a sanitary corner with a sink and tap to clean your dishes down. The cart is fully equipped with locking aluminum doors, and locking castor wheels making transporting and maneuvering easier. for additional surfaces the cart is equipped with a stainless steel side shelf, practical folding.  All products are printed and manufactured in house to maintain quality control on all of our products. we print on vinyl using latex inks giving you a scratch and fade-free print. All vinyl graphics are laminated to ensure the many coming years of use, maintaining their vibrant colours. The Mobile frying cart has been designed to offer any fried product on the go, whether you’re promoting a new product or selling your top of the range best selling protect, this item has surely got you covered. These sampling counters are perfect for any product like; doughnuts, Fried Chicken, Chips, Fish, or any meat-based products. We at Stand Banner have supported many companies in boosting their profit by selling food outside or on the go- these companies are both large and small such as; Dunkin Doughnut, KFC, Scampi’s Fish & Chips, Harry Ramsden’s and many more.

International Delivery Service

All of our teams at stand banner work together to ensure your product is of its highest quality. We have a specialised team to ensure that your product leaves our warehouse safely and securely. communication is key that is why through every step of the process of your order you will be kept updated. Stand Banner has a great reputation for international connections with many companies. we offer quick and reliable service and use the most reliable couriers. we are forever grateful for all those companies who order from ourselves, as we strive to ensure the best quality products on the market. with international connections we can proudly say we commonly supply to those companies all over the UK, USA, and Asia offering high quality outdoor and indoor food cart fries such as KFC, Dunkin doughnuts, and Harry Ramsdens. For more information contact Banner Stand.


Mobile food frying pan cart by Stand Banner


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