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Features of A Professional Pop Up Counter

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Pop Up Counters


Professional Pop Up Counters For Marketing At Exhibition Events

For businesses and locales that are looking to attract passersby with products and services, you may be wondering about all the kinds of display stands there are to choose from. Among these stands are what are known as pop up counters, and depending on how often you intend to use one, they can definitely be worth their weight in gold.

Pop up counters certainly look interesting, with their curved appearance and capabilities of displaying graphics in a sophisticated manner. However, you can soon realize that they are more than just displays, and they work really well for businesses no matter the purpose. Here are all the neat features that you get with a pop up counters.


Convex Design For Convenient Professional Displays

Pop up counters are curved in shape, giving the display a kidney bean shape. This shape serves two purposes, the first is for the counter to display your branding from as many angles as possible. With the counter’s curved design, passersby would be able to notice your display from off to the side, which might not be achieved with a flat display. Secondly, as you attract potential customers to your display, the convex design ensures that their focus is primarily directed at you as you talk to them from the other side of the counter. In other words, the shape of the counter allows you to get the customer’s attention better. These are two major ways that the shape of a pop-up counter can guarantee more sales for your business.


Inner Shelves Help For Storage And Promotions At Exhibitions And Trade Shows

Behind your exhibition counter are built-in shelves, which are a feature that businesses tend to overlook at first. By having shelves, you have a place to store products, equipment, marketing materials, and more. Shelves can help your display look professional and organized so that passersby don’t see inventory or equipment sitting right next to your counter in plain sight, which could be an eyesore that takes away from your presentation. Inner shelving can also prevent individuals from stealing something from your booth when you are not looking, as all of your belongings would be placed right in front of you.


Portability And Easy To Erect, Store and Collapse

Businesses that travel and partake in trade shows will need a display booth that they can take with them easily. Fortunately, a pop-up counter can be folded flat, making it easy to carry, store, and transport. This is actually where the term “pop up counter” comes from. You also get a carry case along with your pop-up counter, so that everything your counter consists of is inside one neat package. This means fitting the counter inside a car or van won’t be much of an issue, nor will multiple people be required to move it and set it up.


Laminated Countertop For Durable Display Promotions

Many companies would like a nice surface along with their display in order to do one of several things in an effective manner, from demonstrating products to customers to leaving freebies within reach. With a pop-up counter, you have the abilities to perform tasks at your booth without much fuss that you could otherwise experience using a desk or table with a lower surface. The high countertop found in pop up counters can make interactions with customers seamless and convenient, and the laminate surface adds a classy touch that is also scratch and scuff-resistant.



Pop up counters may have a peculiar shape, but they serve many different purposes which can all be beneficial for companies. Pop up counters travel easily, feature high counters and shelving, and are shaped in a way that gives you the customer’s undivided attention. For more information on all counters contact Banner Stand.


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