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Mini Roll Up Banner Stand

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Our mini roll up banner stand is an ideal P.O.S. (point of sale) display that is lightweight and highly portable. It comes in a standard size of 1600mm tall x 600mm wide. Please note this banner stand can be adjusted or custom ordered for a specific height. MORE INFORMATION

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Key Features
  • Custom heights available
  • Dimensions: 1690mm Tall - Graphic Width = 0.6m
  • Assembly approx. 30 seconds
  • Minimalist base with 2x stabilising foot
  • Three part bungee pole with added extender
  • Anti-curl, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-glare, UV stable print
  • High-resolution 1200dpi print with B1 fire certificate
  • Supplied with protective carry case
  • One year hardware guarantee (graphics not covered)
  • Weight: 1.5Kg
Download our easy-to-use artwork guidelines & templates
Mini Roll Up Banner Stand - Artwork Template
Download our helpful product instructions & specifications
Mini Roll Up Banner Stand - Firefly Mini Roller Display Assembly
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UK Supplier Of Mini Roll Up Banner Stand For Promotional Advertising Signs

The mini roll up banner stands is the ultimate banner stand for portability. It is slightly smaller than a basic banner stand display, with a standard graphic height of 1.6m tall, and a width of 0.6m. This means decreased weight and increased portability, allowing you to carry the stand with ease. It includes a three part bungee pole for easy setup, plus an extender to increase the height to two metres (requires two metre high graphic). The twist-out foot provides added stability, and the minimalist base design ensures that all of the viewer’s attention is on the graphic. It includes a protective carry bag and a one year warranty on hardware (does not cover graphic print).


Floor Standing Banner For Business Signs And Promotions

A stand like the floor standing banner will suit P.O.S. (point of sale) promotions because of the versatility and convenience of a stand of this size. It takes up less room, allowing for use in high traffic areas, and is light enough to carry around from location to location without the need for a vehicle. Multiple stands can be set up easily, or a single stand can be used to accompany another display stand, such as a promotional exhibition counter. Even at 1600mm tall, the graphic on this roller display is large enough to fit plenty of branding or promotional advertising. If a larger print is installed, the graphic height can be increased to two metres tall, increasing visibility without compromising on portability.


Printing Sign Displays

Our print technology ensures that your display will create the most impact possible. We print at high-resolution, 1440dpi, with vibrant, anti-scuff, anti-fade prints, so your branding and marketing graphics will remain bold and bright for use over many events. With proper care, your roller display should last for years, without the need for frequent replacements.


Design & Graphics

We can print from artwork that you provide, or we can create display graphics based on your branding guidelines. Alternatively, we can provide a branding solution from the ground up; our experienced graphic designers can deal with all aspects of branding and exhibition design. For more information on brand design and graphics contact banner stand by email or phone.

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