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LED Freestanding Light Box Sign for Illuminated Retail Display

LED Freestanding Light Box Ult-VLED2 6-7 days Production

  • 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee
  • Available sizes: 2m x 1m, 2m x 2m, 2m x 3m
  • Double-sided for maximum visual impact
  • High-resolution, custom printed fabric panels included
  • Lightweight anodised aluminium profile
  • Allen key assembly, no tools required
  • Includes 1200dpi photo printed graphic* + B1 fire certification
  • Uniform LED lighting
  • One year hardware warranty (does not cover printed graphic)
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£798.00 inc.vat

The LED Freestanding Light Box Sign features the latest LED technology which provides an even, double-sided, uniformly-lit display that is ideal for retail environments, office reception areas and anywhere you want to create an attractive focal point. It features a lightweight aluminium frame, and stabilising feet to enable it to be placed almost anywhere with a flat surface. The LED light box also comes with a one year hardware warranty (does not cover printed graphics).

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LED Light Box Sign for Use in Retail

The LED Freestanding Light Box Sign is a brand new product in our range that features the latest in in LED sign technology to create an illuminated display that is bright, evenly-lit and is easy to set up. It is ideal for retail environments, public spaces, shopping centres, office reception areas and anywhere that would benefit from an economical, illuminated, indoor display. The LED lightbox features a sleek, smooth profile with an easy to assemble anodised aluminium frame. It also benefits from uniform LED lighting which will not cast shadows, a problem that can occur with other large-format illuminated displays. The light box is available in a number of sizes: 2m x 1m, 2m x 2m and 2m x 3m. It comes with stabilising feet and a high-resolution, easy-fit graphic print. The LED lightbox also includes a one year warranty on hardware (printed panel not covered).


Freestanding Light Boxes for Retail

The LED Freestanding Light Box Sign can be used for a variety of different applications. It is well-suited to retail environments that require large-format illuminated display signs to advertise brands, sales and promotions in-store. They can also be taken to exhibition displays and trade shows to provide a focal point that draws attention and creates an impact. The lightweight nature of the hardware, and the easy Allen-key-only setup, means that this display can be assembled in minutes. The LED light box is a versatile sign that can be used as a temporary or permanent display in many indoor locations.


High Quality, UV-Stable Printing

With all of our displays, we provide high-resolution, vibrant, bold graphic prints that are bold and eye-catching. We will ensure you make the most out of your display by providing the best quality printed graphics. The printed panels for our LED light box signs are UV-stable (fade-resistant), and easy to fit. Simply push the panel into the edge of the aluminium frame for a perfect fit.


Graphic Design for Retail and Exhibitions

If you require any help or guidance with the design of your display, our design team can provide anything you need to get the most from your display. With years of design experience in retail, exhibition stands (stand up banners etc.) and trade shows, we can ensure you make the biggest impact with your display. We can also create artwork for you, creating new designs on existing marketing materials, and we can also create new branding ideas from your specifications.