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How To Erect A Pop Up Stand Correctly

  • Wednesday, November 15, 2017
How To Erect A Pop Up Stand Correctly

How To Erect A Pop Up Stand Correctly

Watch Video HD: How to erect a pop up stand

How To Correctly Put Up A Pop Up Stand For Beginners

Firstly watch the video as it shows in second by second format how to erect the pop up stand and you can rewind at any given point to re-cap what you have missed. After watching the video remove all the items carefully from the box or case taking note where they go and how they have been stored. After removing all the items from the case onto the floor, roll out your graphics very carefully onto the floor avoiding any dirt or dust. Place the graphics face up and leave for a minimum of 1 hour possibly up to 24 hours as the graphics themselves are made of plastic and take on memory, this causes the plan els to stay in they’re rolled up form and work against you and the frame when being erected. You’ll find that if not left for a sufficient time the panels will bulge or repel from the magnetic frame.(We advise that all graphics should be stored flat, but realise that this is not always possible).


Erecting A Pop Up Stand Frame For The First Time

While the panels are regaining a straight form, you can erect the frame this takes only seconds and simply locks together with plastic hooking mechanism.(note these will need to be unlocked to dismantle). After the frame is erected and standing vertical ensure that the blue graphic hooks are at the top. At this point you’ll need to determine if you have bought a straight, convex or concave pop up stand, rotate the stand to the correct side to suit your exhibiting needs. When in position place the magnetic bars onto the frame vertically in the receivers provided, mag bars should easily click into position and require no force.


Placing Pop Up Graphics On The Pop Up Frame For Perfect Alignment

When after a given length of time be it 1-24 hours you may start placing the panels onto the frame. For best results or start on the middle panels preferably from left to right and when attaching the graphics ensure the panels attach in the side of the mag bar and do not cross the dividing line, this will cause the graphics to bulge of the frame. Particular care must be taken at this point for achieve optimum results, for instance we estimate a novice or first time exhibitor will take an average of 45 minutes to erect the stand first time but with practice this time can be vastly reduced.

Once all three panels have been put on the frame and aligned correctly to the same with the end panels firstly starting at the front and then bending the panels around vertically to achieve a cylinder effect. This is a cosmetic feature that hides the frame from clients and achieves a more finished result. (Note: when aligning panels it is not essential that the tops be level as often the floor is uneven and will create misalignment. Concentrate on aligning graphics on the stand and not the tops).


Dismantling Your Pop Up Stand

The premise is very simple you repeat the process in reverse order, but pay particular attention when you remove the mag bars 100% ensure they are removed from the frame and the locking mechanism is free. At this point no force will be required and the frame should collapse effortlessly. For more information call Banner Stand for free impartial advice or simply watch the video again.


Always Follow These Instructions:

   1. Always follow instructions.
   2. Always lay panels out for 1-24 hours(in some instances where the panels have been stored for years this can take a lot longer)
   3. Erect the frame and never force or use any strength when putting it up.
   4. Always pay particular attention that all mag bars are removed before you collapse the frame. (This is the most common form of damage and is not covered under warranty)
   5. Roll graphics up with pictures on outside.
   6. For best results store graphics flat.

Pop Up Stand Instructions

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