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Advertising & Branding In Adversity

  • Monday, March 16, 2020

advertising in adversity

Advertising & Branding In Adversity

Why should you advertise in adversity?. Well it’s simple as most companies tone down they’re advertising what better way to gain brand and business awareness without the competition with greatly improved prices and monopoly. The common mistake that most business do in times of recession or hardship is to stop promoting. Firstly what this does is allow the customer to forget your product or service making them far unlikely to buy whatever service or product you are selling. The second is depending on the duration this can have a negative effect on future sales and brand awareness and allows competitors to leap frog your business (remember the tortoise and the hare).

Examples of good advertising during times of hardship including wars. Many times the companies that have embraced the realisation that you need to advertise when times are quiet, obviously to generate trade with offers and incentives you have.  For example many companies during the second world war became household brands, companies like pears soap and bits. Renowned for positive advertising banner and undoing so bolstering they’re brand and market share. Other examples would include companies like Coca Cola there again with tailored advertising that gave a positive message in adversity. The common thread between most of these advertising is feel good factor this aspires customers to jump on the bandwagon and feel good, basically they are selling dreams and pictures of aspirational times that do not relate to the present at that given time.

Different Types Of Advertising To Boost Sales

What is the best type of advertising to suit your business, well it differs depending on what it is P.P.P.P remember the 4 p’s in advertising Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. For example if you are selling let’s say Corona larger and sales have slumped, firstly identify who is your target audience, lets say surfers as they have commonly drunk your beer. OK, we’ll look where do surfers predominantly hang out and how can you reach them, maybe beach flag banners that would give years of free promotion and branding at that location. Or maybe PVC banners for short term signage advertising some sporting event enforced by corona. Lastly there is Point OF Sale, ideally and internal promotion that demands attention, lets say a bucket of corona beers for a reduced price, maybe on a banner stand, bunting or carpet.


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