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Custom Inflatable Displays For Promo Event Advertising Products

Custom Inflatable Displays Cus-Inf 30-31 days Production

  • 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee
  • Custom sizes and shapes available.
  • Dimensions: Any Width x Any Height x Any Depth
  • Digitally printed pic banner to replicate realistic packaging
  • Simple to erect and store
  • 1 - 2 people needed for installation and packing
  • Full auto-cad service for 3d modelling
  • Weight: Differs from inflatable to inflatable

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Custom Inflatable Displays

The custom inflatable display is a perfect way to launch your company product. Its ideal for getting your product noticed. They come in all sizes, shapes and colour to match your company logo or brand. It is lightweight 2.18mm PVC material, portable takes approximate 5-10 minutes to pump up and will deflate in seconds. It comes with rope so it can be tethered to the floor. This inflatable event advertising stands would be on a larger scale version of your product. Suitable for both out and indoors (check height of roof of the room). It is highly effective eye catching and versatile giving maximum exposure to your corporate brand. Full colour digital printing of banner graphics for perfect replication of products and models. We can make any design you require.


Promo Event Advertising Products

The custom inflatable displays are used widely at all events from trade shows, village fairs, exhibition venues to retail stores. They make your company stand out in a crowded area by advertising your product. Soft drink, breweries, food  businesses have all  used our inflatable sculptures to get their message across. These marketing displays come in varying sizes for many different uses from product launch to a re-launch of a previous favorite item. This cost effective display can be used over and over again promoting sales and marketing your products and business.

Ideal for product launch and promotions in shopping Centre and retail environments, commonly used by big brand companies like Proctor and Gamble at sporting festivals, trade fairs to promote a particular product from high energy drinks and refreshments to confectionery. No matter what it's use or need we can supply custom solutions for anything.

Perfect for internal or external use in all weather conditions and is robust and hard wearing and colours wont fade as we UV inks and liquid lamination. Cost effective method for promotion advertising of anything that your business sells, regularly used to launch products or  in a high end marketing campaign to promote sales at seasonal and special occasions. Simply send us your requirements for a cost effective quote.


Branded Design

Our design and production team have over 25 years experience. We offer the complete design and build package for all your venues. The designers can create a design that meets all your needs. Our customers range from small one man companies to multi nationals.For more information please visit us at stand banner or email us at sales@standbanner.co.uk.