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Linkable Roll Up Banner from our Ultimate Expandable Display Banner

Linkable Roll Up Banner Ult-UB101C 6-7 days Production

  • 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee
  • Total Height = 2200mm / 3000mm - Graphic Widths = 0.8m, 1m
  • No limits on the number of stands that can be connected at once
  • Telescopic pole for extended height up to 3m tall
  • Can be linked together magnetically for a seamless display
  • High-resolution 1440dpi printed graphic panels
  • Supplied with magnetic joiners and bars
  • Lifetime guarantee on hardware (graphic panels not covered)
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The Uno linkable roll up banner is a simple yet unique display that can be used as a single banner, or linked together to create a large backdrop. It is an ideal travel display that disassembles to a convenient size for transport via plane if required. The Uno features a telescopic pole which can reach a height of up to three metres. In theory there is no limit to the number of displays that can be linked together. Each stand is provided with a high-resolution printed graphic, all necessary joiners and mag bars for linking, and comes with a lifetime warranty on hardware (graphic panels not covered).

Linkable Roll Up Banner

The Uno linkable roll up banner is a simple yet superb tension banner with one remarkable feature. Multiple Unos can be attached side-by-side with magnets to create a larger ‘display wall' or backdrop. This is an extremely economical way of creating a large display area that can be tailored to most indoor display environments easily, without the expense of large, rigid printed panels. It is also a great option for interntational travel as the component parts will disassemble to a convenient size for transport on planes. The linkable panels come in two different sizes—800mm wide and 1000mm wide—to give multiple sizing options and combinations. The poles can extend up to 3m tall, allowing for huge display areas when linked together. The display comes with all parts required, magnetic tape, joining bars and hardware carry bags (graphic carry tubes sold separately). The hardware comes with a lifetime warranty (does no cover printed panels).


Ultimate Expandable Display Banner Stand

Uno roll up banner systems are amazing displays for the cost, creating huge graphic backdrops for use at shopping centres, event halls and all kinds of portable marketing and promotions. The can be used individually for small displays, or they can be linked to create graphic walls in multiple sizes. They are also well-suited to exhibitions, trade shows and other events where portability is key, as these displays feature lightweight, easy-setup hardware that almost anyone can put together. They are an ideal solution for international transport as they can be packaged and shipped via plane much more easily than a large pop up unit. However they are used, they will be an invaluable tool for indoor advertising and promotions.


Printing Expandable Roll Up Banners

As always, Uno roll up linkable banner stands feature our outstanding print quality which uses cutting-edge technology to provide bold, vibrant prints for your display. We print at high-resolution at a minimum of 1440dpi, with anti-scuff, fade-resistant inks. This ensures that your printed graphics will endure many events with proper care. As mentioned, the main benefit of this display is its ability to be linked to other banners of the same type in multiple configurations. We can provide printed graphics for individual banner stands, or we can treat multiple stands as a single spread that fits onto multiple banners, creating a seamless display. However you choose to configure your roll up banners, we can help make your event the most effective it can be.


Banner Stand Design & Graphics

A stand with as many configurable options as the Uno linkable roll up banner can become intimidating when is comes to designing the graphics for your display. The design is simple enough for one or two banners, but with the option to attach multiple stands together at a height of up to three metres tall, you may want a little help. Our expert graphic designers have years of experience in the field of exhibition banner stand design. We can give you guidance throughout every step of the design process, or we can provide a complete graphic design service from the start. Whichever avenue you choose to go down, rest assured that your display will deliver eye-catching results that will create a bold, effective impact. For more information on roller banners visit us at stand banner for FREE impartial advise.